Calling all artists: Design a diaper front panel for Sleep in Diapers-Friday

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It's less than a week until we have our next Sleep in Diapers-Friday.

To make things a bit more interesting this time, I'm suggesting we all wear a common printed front panel on our diapers. Since we all have different brands and sizes of diapers in our hiding place / diaper storage place, it's impossible to all wear the same type of diaper, but it we can all decorate our diapers the same way by glueing a special Sleep in Diapers-front panel to our diapers.
The basic idea already exists in the form of diaper tapes - a roll of tape with cute prints that you can glue to the front of your diaper. Here's a link:

Therefore, I'm asking all artists to design a front panel for the ADISC Sleep In Diapers Friday. Just create a picture with cute prints and at least the word "ADISC" on it. You can add "Sleep in Diapers-Friday" (or SIDF) if you wish.
To allow it to fit on everyone's diaper, it should be the size of 20cm (8 inches) in length and 4 cm (1 1/2 inches) in height. People who want to participate in SIDF can then print it on their printers at home and glue it to the front of their diaper with clear tape. That should allow everyone to participate without having to pay any money for making / shipping tapes.

Just post your creations here and we'll either vote for the best one or just use a different one every month ;)

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