Calgary: local sellers of Abena Diapers

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  1. Diaper Lover
Well for any of you who live in this wonderful city, there is actually a local supplier of Abena diapers here. A thanks to discodiaper for discovering this one, i dredged it up in a couple of his old threads, but wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity to know/buy.

the Shoppers Home Health Care store in the NE (accross from the Calgary Sun building) stocks Abenas. They are only open M-F, 8:30-5, and it is a showroom type setting where you have to ask, and stand around as they bring stock up from the warehouse, but if you can get over or be comfortable with that, then go for it.

I made my first visit up there yesturday, got myself a case of Abri-form X-plus and a case of Extra's (M4's and M3's).. price? 1.38 per unit on the M4, 1.20 per unit on the M3. (that's 57.96 for case of M4, 105.60 for case of M3)

Now it's probably a good idea to call ahead to confirm stock and have your order waiting. i was there a good 20 minutes just waiting for a lady to get off phone, pick order, etc, etc. All the lady's in the office were quite friendly.
(And no, no one asked any questions, gave any looks, or otherwise acted weird that a 30 something was asking to buy diapers, or 'soft goods' as they call them..)

for other brands, i believe they also stock attends / depends / tena, but i actually didn't ask after any other brands, so not 100% sure, just going off of memory of the pamphlets i saw on the wall.

Anyone else know any local suppliers in the City?
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