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An apology for not writing here in a month.
I am okay.
I am trying not to cognitively/emotionally crash during the Holiday Season.
My depression trigger is the homophobia in the outside world.
It is getting worse.
I refuse to go back into the closet.
I am now on the Board of Directors of the Central New Hampshire Gay Men's Social/Support Group/Civil Rights Organization.
Not much else going on.
Yesterday I performed my once-a-month trip to WALMART across town.
Adult Diapers
Bed Pads
Adult Wipes
(1) DVD Box Set (1960's BATMAN TV Show)
(1) Package of MATCHBOX Toy Vehicles
(1) Small Toy Truck
(1) Board Game (CLUE)
Via the local Elder Care Organization I received new clothes for Christmas.
I am still performing my volunteering at DerryCAM, my town's CATV Public-Access Channel.
Two days ago I completed another TV show of my own creation.
Anyway, a storm is coming, and my 80 year-old roommate and I are prepared for it.
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Sounds like you had a great amount of fun with outside activity and getting games, which are huge fun, though I feel bad about the homophobia. people are dweebs! Twerps! Especially around now. I get it. I kinda hid for a while from here, too. I just had a lot of "triggers," as well. One technical, the other also "technical." lol. Happy Holidays! (Co. Mustard did it with the rope in the ballroom!) (Or was it Scarlet????) Tell me later!
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Christmas is difficult for me since my wife died. Like you, I have a routine which keeps me busy, especially my mind. When I'm with others, I don't think about the past and what's now missing in my life, because life still goes on. As for homophobes, they're just incredibly ignorant.
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