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Buying OL for the 1st time! Suggestions?

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So, for Christmas I got a prepaid card for a sum of money, and I was thinking of using that for buying some diapers OL (Online).
Thus, I am asking for suggestions on what kind of diapers you think I should get. Before you say "Well, go look at the Wiki article.", I just want to know your personal preferences first ;A;

PS: I don't need to worry about the price. I have a feeling that I have enough.


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I'd say get some bambinos! Babyish and affordable with your sum of free money :D
Or if you want to save some money (or just get more diapers for your dollar), get some abinas from xpmedical.

Christmas money is the best!


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And hopefully you get them... My order from them never arrived, and their customer service is nonexistent. They were absolutely no help in finding the diapers I paid for, and they "shipped" to me. Great diapers, though.

For someone ordering for the first time (especially if it is going to be shipped to a parent's home), I can't recommend anyone other than XP Medical. They can be relied upon to ship when they say they're going to ship, will always provide a tracking number so you know exactly when they're coming, and they always answer emails/calls promptly. With the exception of XP, I've heard stories (or experienced myself) about virtually every other retailer screwing up at some point in time... Shipping late, not returning emails, shipping in obvious boxes even when discreet shipping is requested, etc.

XP sells Abenas, which is pretty much the de-facto standard of anyone's first "good diaper" purchase.


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I agree w/ NEJay, XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies is reliable.

I like the Bambino a lot! Very thick with a nice liner, very soft.

Bambino Diapers - the ABDL website for Diapers, Adult Babies, Designer ABDL Diapers and more!

An almost identical diaper, just less expensive, is the Secure X-Plus. They call it their "flagship" model, lol. You can get samples of all the Secure Personal products.

X-Plus Adult Diaper : Secure Personal Care

If you don't want to go that thick, the Secure Plus are very nice too. Very soft and comfortable, but thinner padding for under your close wearing.

Plus Taped Briefs : Secure Personal Care

These diaper liners are awesome for adding extra padding and are just as comfortable as the diapers...

Secure Liner (4 1/2 x 14) - Bag of 25 - SR571R-1 [SR571R-1] - $13.75 : Secure Personal Care


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I'd have to say either:



Secure X-Plus

These are the two most babyish diapers I could think of that are worth the price. The only more babyish is the classy comfort but their a rip off.
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