So, recently, we haven't been hitting the donation target every month.

Originally, I had planned to accept some advertising on the site, just temporarily, to help cover costs.

However, one of the major diaper manufacturers I happened to be talking to at the time had a better idea - they'd buy the site as-is, covering all the costs of running it going forward. We'd still get to manage it. It would be under their brand, but they'd let us run it how we please, without having to worry about the financial side.

This seems like a good deal for everyone. We no longer have to pay for the site, and can continue to enjoy it as we always have. We're doing the paperwork now, and I should have an update for you later this week once the deal has gone through.

Anyone who has questions/feedback is welcome to PM me with it.
I will consider all feedback, just be aware I can't disclose most of the deal's specifics as some of the agreement terms are confidential.
Negotiations have now completed, and I can finally reveal our buyer: