Build thread: need ideas vehicle and outdoor stuffs

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I am buying a 91 ford f150 ext cab longbed for $900. I have been wanting a BOV/overland wheeler for a while now and just happened to find a perfect base vehicle cheap.

It has the 5.8 351w V8 and I'm paying someone to swap it to a manual with a donor truck I have in the back field. I got the basics down like lift, lockers, winch ect. Going for 6 in suspension with 35 in Swampers probbly tsl.

But I don't quite know how to set up the box on the back. One idea was get a pop up slide in camper with a roof rack for additional gear, another is put a standard comercial steel bed cap with storage doors and put a rack on the top for a pop up roof tent and have the recovery gear in the bed under the cap.

I know this stuff is popular in places like Australia and since we have a good aussie base here I might get some ideas and see what you guys have done.
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