Budget cloth backed diaper that is better than Walgreens?


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I *LOVE* a good Crinklz diaper or a Megamax diaper, but sometimes I just can't wear a diaper long enough to get my money's worth from the "super" diapers. My normal go-to diapers when I want a quick fix are Walgreen's Certainty briefs and Tranquility ATN. The ATN crinkles just enough that I'm self conscious about it, especially when I'm sleeping in a bed with my S.O. but the Certainty briefs leave a lot to be desired. I can supplement the Walgreen's briefs with a pad as a stuffer...but is there a cloth backed diaper that is on par with the Tranquility ATN in both capacity and price?
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I guess I'll restock my Walgreen's diapers then, they're running a pretty good sale this week.
Semi Super and Seni Quattro. I have found them on Amazon and other sites on sale for as little as $1.30 per diaper. The Quattro is one of the best cloth-like disposables you can buy.
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Anything In the Seni line is highly recommended. I use Seni Super and Quattro most nights.
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I second the Abena cloth backed. They should handle the small amount of wetting without the need for a booster.
nightfox320 said:
Anything In the Seni line is highly recommended. I use Seni Super and Quattro most nights.
I've tried those, they are pretty good.
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I just recently switched over from Walgreens diaper to Sena Super and love them. I wear 24/7 and don't want to pay for expensive ABDL diapers. These Sena's have been working great.
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todderhr said:
I've tried those, they are pretty good.
I’ve used them as well
I wear Seni Quattro’s when I want a more comfy cloth backed diaper.
I concur seni quattro are my go to cloth backed diaper they are soft, cofortable and hold a lot. They feel like a cloud on my bottom
I agree as well with Seni. I think the super plus is just right in size (not too thick) and absorbency and is more affordable than the quattro. They are a bit more expensive than tranquility products though.

Tranquility makes what I think is basically a cloth backed ATN called elite core or something like that. You might want to give it a try coming from the ATN.
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You cal also try the tena pro skin super brief. A little cheaper than the seni super plus and close in absorbency. Seni super plus is about 1000-1100 ml in absorbency where the tena super is about 700-800 ml I’m absorbency.
This Gal not a big fan of Walgreen's or any other store brand diapers. They don't suit my needs much better ! I like MagaMax and the different colors they come in along with the Better Drys ...