Bringing Back old memories.

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I have been having a bit of a nappy/diaper binge over the last couple of weeks. Wearing to bed every night and using (wet only). For years I was a bed wetter well into my teens. At first it was dealt with with just a rubber sheet on the bed and waking up to very wet night clothes. Eventually I was given the option to wear nappies and plastic pants to cope with it. This was when i was about 10, it went on to mid late teens when it was no longer a problem. This was late 60's to early 70's. In those days there were no disposable nappies in my size so just large size terry cloth and plastic pants.
Every now and then I would wet so much that it would leak out of the back of my pants and soak my bed and night clothes.
I have now all these years later taken to wearing a nappy(Lille classic) with two Lille classic pads as soakers. Over the top of these I wear at least one pair of plastic pants.Then over that one of my footed sleepers. I do have control but like to test it to the max and the other night the dam burst just like when I was younger and I had a very wet sleeper. Not something i would like to do too often but the memories were good.
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I too have similar memories. I was born in 68, and wet the bed fairly regularly until I was over 11. I continued wearing protection until just before my 12th birthday, "just in case."

I wasn't a heavy wetter usually, more of a leaker. I'd start to dribble and the feeling of getting wet would wake me up. Not always, but usually. I would have a full-on, sleep-through-the-whole-thing-soaking-the-bed experience mostly on the weekends, or holidays when my brother and I were allowed to stay up late. If I was really tired, I likely wouldn't wake up, at least on time.

So Sunday to Thursday I went to bed wearing extra thick terry cloth training pants. They were basically brief style underwear made from cloth nappy fabric with extra padding in them. I remember having white, light blue, red and yellow. These would be worn with plastic panties over them, usually clear or blue.

On Friday and Saturday nights, I would wear an actual disposable nappy. These were mostly the Kimbies brand. I wore my weekend nappy until I was around 9-10, when they just didn't fit anymore. I continued with the trainers though.

My rules were simple. If I woke up and my trainers were wet, but my sheets were dry, I'd just change myself before going back to bed. If I wore a diaper, and I woke up dry but needing to go, I could take it off myself and go. But I had to wake up mum to put it back on. I always either ripped them trying to get them tight, or had them loose enough that they would rip and fall off, or leak. If my sheets got a little wet, I would put a towel down, if they were soaked I'd wake mum.

I didn't have many real heavy wettings after age 9, but they did occur occasionally. I would go months without a big wet, then for no reason I'd wake up drenched one day. Never saw a pattern to it.

As I said, I had stopped by about 3-4 months after my 11th birthday, and didn't wet again, but kept up the trainers for s while just in case. Then one night not long before I turned 14, I completely pissed the bed without waking up.

That was traumatic. I hadn't wet for like 2 years, then for no reason, out of the blue I really soaked it. Of course by now I was growing up, and my body could apparently hold a lot more liquid. Thankfully I still had my rubber sheet on, but I really drenched my pyjamas, shirt as well, and pretty much covered the bottom sheet with a wet patch.

Having to wake your mother in tears at 14 wearing wet pyjamas doesn't do a lot for your self esteem. I went back to my training pants for a week or so in case it happened again, but it never did. Thankfully too, cause those trainers were awful small on me then, and I didn't have the plastic panties anymore.

I always wore openly around my family. I didn't feel any particular shame about wearing them. I absolutely hated getting my sheets wet, so the nappy or trainers were an essential tool in my opinion. In fact I rarely wore pyjama pants to bed. I'd have my pyjamas on during the evening, but when I put whatever protection on that I would be wearing for the night, I'd leave the pants off if it wasn't a cold night. They were just another layer or obstacle to negotiate if I did wake up dry but desperate, or even after a little leak.

I have a few memories of wetting myself on the way to the toilet. I'd wake up to that warm trickling feeling, snap awake, clamp down to stop it, then be holding myself and feeling my hand and pants growing warmer as I hobbled to the loo.

I will admit to waking up slightly wet in my nappy, getting out of bed, and thinking "screw it." I'd just relax and do it in my nappy then go back to bed.

They're all good memories now, but I would've given anything to stop it as child though!
The only thing that brings back memories for me is the soaked bed. When I would wet the bad, it was a full flood. From about age 5-12, I wore no protection and would wake up to a cold, wet bed. No clue how long I would sleep after wetting, but it was long enough for the liquid to get cold. Now, a wet bed means a Dry 24/7 got fully soaked and leaked. Same reaction: frustration over being in a cold, wet bed. Thankfully, a wet bet is extremely rare.
I have memories of waking up in dry bed but a wet diaper back when I wet in my sleep when I was younger and I was a heavy wetter. Even after I was out of diapers for wetting the bed on a nightly basis I still did it and still do it on occasion. Those memories turned into wet and cold beds. Now if I do have one of those instances when I do wet in my sleep I happen to be diapered a most of the time and that really does bring me back.
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