Breastfeeding and Experiences

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I have big breasts.
The idea of having my littles suckleing from me so amazing to me.
Has any mommys tried this with their little?
And what do you little think of it?
What are experiences? Thank you loves <3
I used to suckle my GFs breasts many years ago. I don't exactly remember how it got to that point because I didn't even know I was in to it at that time. She didn't lactate of course. She also knows my ABDLims and would put me in diapers if I asked nicely. Many times she would sit on her bed to watch tv and I would crawl on to her lap and ask if I could have a titty..

One of the best, if not the best, the warmest and safest and the most infantile feeling during my adult life has been waking up in the morning in wet diaper beside my GF and snuggling to her and start suckling her breast gently. She let me do that for some time, but I guess she wasn't really into it so I haven't done that in years. Good memories.

I still dream of that incredible warmth of that kind of infantile bonding.

I'm sorry if this sounds creepy, but I can't help it considering the topic.
I've been a practicing infantilist for more than 30 years. My current nanny loves to breastfeed me, and I've had four other babysitters who have as well. All but one offered to breastfeed me; I did not request it.

For me as a big baby, suckling is a strangely calming experience. The women who have breastfed me have been aroused, amused, or bored with the experience. In many ways, being breastfed is even more intimate than having your diaper changed or being bathed, since it involves 'mommy' sharing a part of herself with a big baby. If you have a strong maternal instinct, you may find it a very fulfilling experience. If you enjoy the dominant role, or if AB play is more arousal-oriented for you, you may enjoy it even more.

The real problem is positioning. Even lying side by side, it's hard for the AB to be comfortable breastfeeding ... especially when the mommy has large breasts. My nanny likes to cuddle me while I nurse, which is enjoyable but can also be uncomfortable. Some of the AB breastfeeding photos show the AB almost sitting up in the mommy's lap. That's a nice image and it's a wonderful experience, but it's not something I can do for more than a few minutes at a time. Over the years, I've found it easiest if my mommy or nanny sits on the bed or floor and holds me against her breast with her left arm. The bulk of my weight is on the floor or bed as well, rather than on mommy's lap. In about half the interludes I've experienced, mommy's other hand went to my diaper, which can be quite nice.

I'd highly recommend a nursing bra or a nursing nightgown, depending on your situation. If you're going to nurse often, the nursing bra is a big help ... especially useful if you intend to induce lactation. If you're wanting to nurse your SO or boyfriend, the nursing nightgown facilitates that sort of intimacy.

In contrast to Orionstar's experiences, I enjoy nursing as I'm being put to bed. Particularly with the lights off and my nanny's hand fussing with my hair or caressing my face, nursing at bedtime is an extremely relaxing experience.

I hope you have some mommy-types or babysitters adding their thoughts. I know you're more interested in female feedback; as Orionstar and I have noted, nursing is a very warm and loving experience.
I have never been breastfed, my mom tried to but she couldn't, so I associate with bottles and never got to try breast feeding, I may try it if both parties were happy with it, but I have a question, how can you breastfeed if you havn't given botprth because as much as I know, mothers produce milk before their baby is born but the milk production stops as soon as the baby stops feeding. Do you girls get your milk glands stimulated by the suckling? Do you actually lactate? Was it milk left over from a previous child?
Angelic, I'll let MissWillow respond, but I've seldom been 'breastfed,' per se. Almost every nursing interlude I've had has been simulated ... there was no actual milk involved.

It certainly is possible for women who haven't given birth to induce lactation, but it requires a lot of time, effort, energy and careful scheduling.
You can take hormone supplements to help induce lactation without pregnancy i know-

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That sounds so nice <3 I havent thought about inducing lactation but im also only 18 so i plan to have children on my own in the future. Id be happy to continue feeding a partner after im done feeding my child if it comes to that :) <3
I have breastfeed 2 different times in my AB life and found it a very rewarding experience. I found the experience very relaxing and calming. I would be breastfeed a couple times a day usually lying in bed. As I nursed she would rub my head or massage my back. My sweetheart always wore a nursing bra when breastfeeding me. This was an experience I wish I could continue on a daily basis.
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