Brain development link to puberty and ABDL?

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This post is aimed at those of us who have a link between sexual fulfillment and ABDL, I know there are a lot of you who don't have that connection.

I found this in an article about why teens act as they do:

And I found the following paragraph really interesting...

"While teens may look more like adults than kids, to a neuroscientist their brains resemble a child's. That’s part of the reason teens suddenly start acting like toddlers again around age 14. While their bodies are aging, their brain is rearranging itself in a way that temporarily makes it act the same way it did when they were younger."

Because for some of us that is also about the age of puberty.


Quite the interesting article. Sort of explains a few behavioral issues I have noticed in general concerning teens. I will have to digest this some more but it may even explain my own sexual fulfillment and DL.......hmmmmmm:dunno:
Wow. I had no idea that was normal teen behavior. Either I was more mature or I have forgotten what I did as a teen. Good thing I didn't give into peer pressure I my teens because I didn't care what others thought and I had no close friends so it didn't matter. I didn't want to be stupid as them lol and I can remember lot of immaturity in my school. I would wonder why they were acting dumb lol. I had no idea teens misread emotions. I guess the stupid thing I did as a teen that appeared that I wasn't thinking was the time I tried to have ODD to make my life easier because I saw how Frankie always had his way when he was abusive to his mother so I decided to try it so I wouldn't have so much stress anymore and the anxiety and I would have a calm life again but if backfired instead.
While it is possible to be true, and seems like a logical explanation, I wouldn't say that it is accurate for all teens. There are probably plenty of teens that don't act todlerish, and there are probably plenty that do just because they have been spoiled and always will be like a todler.

The problem here is that the article is from a commercial website that is spamming out articles as fast as possible for content. Also, I couldn't find the credentials for the author, or sources for their writings.

Ithink might be true, but it would be useful to find out where the author got their source.
I have noticed similarities between toddlers and teens. Toddlers want independence, so do teens, toddlers want their way and don't like to be told no, neither do teens. Toddlers may try to get their way, so do teens but they both do it differently. Teens will argue and fight with their parents while toddlers will throw a tantrum. Like my mom told me when I was 13, it all comes back. I have always joked about there being the terrible twos, there should be the terrible teens. I hear everyone goes through it including those with developmental disabilities. I went through it too but it wasn't about guys or parties and friends, it was more about wanting a clean house, less chaos around me, no pee on floors, no parties and no messes. I think all teens go through it nonetheless. I totally acted like a two year old according to my mom and it was because of my anxiety and hormones. Wasn't fun for me and it was very hard and it didn't help when my dad brought home a puppy who refused to house train and no one in the house was willing to watch him to train him to go out and being very consistent and it does turn out I was correct the whole time, you are supposed to crate them during potty training but my whole family thought it was cruel to do that so they let him run around where he could pee and he would wait until he was inside to pee. That made me act worse and that was when I decided I better have ODD so i can have my way too and I won't have all this anxiety anymore and stress and the depression.
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