Borderline Personality Disorder

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I have been diagnosed with BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder after being misdiagnosed for years as Bipolar. I just wondered if anybody else has BPD and baby tendencies as I read that regression and child like behavior is common with BPD.
I believe there is something online about this, by a Ms. Kathi Stringer on her website.
teddybearbaby85 said:
I have been diagnosed with BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder after being misdiagnosed for years as Bipolar. I just wondered if anybody else has BPD and baby tendencies as I read that regression and child like behavior is common with BPD.

I was somewhat in that area and it created a lot of problems for me during my college years. I found ways to cope and changed a lot in how I lived my life. I'm careful about who I associate with and I drink almost no alcohol, and no drugs. Regression can still be extreme for me and I have to watch that I don't do self destructive things. Suicidal thoughts are always rattling around in my head, as well as constant conversations. What's made my life so much better was marrying the right person and having a family. It gave me direction. I enjoy working and keeping busy, so that fills up the empty spaces in my conscious. Does this make sense to you? I hope I'm not off track.
I completely understand Dogboy. Luckily for me I have never touched an illegal drug and I have 4 drinks a year at most. Not just 4 times a year but actually 4 drinks. I get overwhelmed and have a lot of suicidal thoughts. I tend to regress and act infantile when I am stressed or seriousily depressed.
Do not feel crazy. That's super important. Know that a lot of what breeds BPD is a will to survive psychologically horrific stuff. A family member has a personality disorder, if the doctor is right about the diagnosis. The family member and I think that undiagnosed, unacomodated high functioning autism spectrum disorder, plus a cuckoo bananas mother who refuses to acknowledge something bad happened to her child when young, just leads the Autie to clever ways around the lack of accommodation, and parental oblivion. The label my family member has chosen to accept is, "functional, but we dunno with what," and y'know; works for us.

Just know you're a survivor, having a Ph.D. doesn't make one immune to stupidity, and different means different, not crazy.:grouphug:
I had a lot of violent things happen to me when I was young, from bullying, to a lot of fights including knifings, to being hit by a car and almost killed. I was a cutter and I'd set my arms on fire. I'd push needles through my arms through the skin, mostly. I would be attracted to one friend and do almost anything they wanted me to do. If they weren't home when I wanted to be with them, I'd be very upset. My mom would just punish me, spanking when I was young and grounding me when I was older. When I was grounded I couldn't be with my friend, so it was tough on me. Fortunately I had my music, and I did other things like build models, especially model cars. I had to be doing something all the time. At some point, things got better for me.

I had to give up drinking in 1985 because it gave me a bleeding ulcer, something that again, almost killed me. Now, I enjoy life for the most part. I have days where I'm depressed, so I'll find something to do like clean the house. I write and I play my keyboards and otherwise stay busy. It helps.
don't worry things will get a lot better for you because the same sort of stuff has happened to me and I was also thrown out of my house twice but things did get better for me and I believe they will for you as well :D

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believe it or not but I too have BPD it's a pain to try to control them all
Both me and another family member experience BPD symptoms - my father also displayed many of these.

For me, many of the traits I associate with my BPD are also 'little' traits - the 'temper tantrums', the fear of abandonment, the reckless behaviour. I'm definitely more stable than my relative but I'm an over-emotional wreck. I feel more like a child inside than an adult and the ABDL/little community has been my way of expressing that. Sometimes regression 'just happens' (which can be a little scary), sometimes it's something I choose to engage in for whatever reason... I often find it helpful to learn therapeutic lessons through my little side. Like for instance, having someone sit with me and gently ask to talk about my feelings, in simple words, knowing there's no adult expectations there of what I 'should' be feeling.
I think this is one of those 'emotion regulation problems' disorders. It makes sense that someone coping with emotion regulation issues would find interesting ways to deal with their emotions. A lot of AB/Little tendencies are intensely emotional, or an escape from negative emotions (like stress/anxiety). I hope you find the best way to live with BPD now that you have finally got the correct diagnosis. The correct diagnosis goes a long way into finally getting the correct treatment.
I too find a way that I found it easer when people talk to me like a child, but I could also act like me more but with the whole BDP I find it hard to control them because they have their own mind so they tend to feel free o do what ever they want when they want. Roxy is the most annoying for the simple fact that she like to go out and party and be the adult when everyone else like to hang back watch cartoons and some love throwing tantrums which is also annoying but yeah we tent to get along sometimes but it is hard. I guess that's another reason why I love being an adult baby to relax. So I can relate in some form.
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