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Ok lots of use booster pads. Some like me like to make a thick waddling diaper. Others want it to absorb a lot of pee. So what do you use and why. Price is tricky. You can get one half as thin as others. So what is best deal
I literally NEED an absorbent booster pad as there's no diaper on Earth that fits a disabled budget and will assure me that when my body insists on being asleep for 16-20+ hours that I'm not going to end up lying in a cold, wet bed.
I've been using the Tranquility "Super-Plus" contour booster pad for well over a decade as it's offered the best compromise between absorbency, fit, comfort etc. to cost. The one thing I have to add is that I never unfold it width-wise as that would render the extra tall standing leak guards useless, and again, I despise waking up lying in a cold, wet bed.
I occasionally do try new products if I hear enough about them (in a positive light that suits my needs and budget) but nothing has even come close to being able to replace these. The booster pads that have the highest capacity that I've tried actually cause far more leaks than they prevent after they have become wet because they seem to literally repel additional wetness and are incredibly slow to absorb continual additional wetting, if this makes sense.
I also add a booster to most diapers. They help with dual IC.
My go to booster is the Lifree Booster Pad 490x200 Mm X Large. It adds about 800ml extra capacity and you can add 2 or 3 to any diaper! It helps wick the fluid throughout the diaper too.
They are also great bang for your buck! Costing around AUD$18 per a pack of 64! That's about USD$12.50 GBP£10 not sure if/where they are stocked in different countries but I order them from here in Australia.
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I love booster pads with whatever diaper I'm using. My experience has been significantly upgraded since I started using boosters. The booster adds bulk when dry, and alot more when wet. I'm happiest with a messy, very heavy and engorged diaper. Boosters help achieve that. (must have good onesie for this)

This can be achieved with double-diapering as well, but there's too much work involved, and very problem-prone.

As to thickness and absorbancy, boosters do not trap fluids. You can stack them.

What this does for cost? Dunno. I wear/use 1-2 times a week. Too complicated to figure out.

Have fun!
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I have try wearing absorbent booster pad in the pass ! Just didn't like how they felt when it get full mostly when with MagaMags and Better Drys on
If I'm in the mood to thicken up my diaper I'll use cloth infant diapers, 27"×27" folded in 3s. The amount I use depends on how thick I'm in the mood for but I usually just use 3 which turns out to be 9 layers thick.
I also have flour sack cloths that are 30"×30" and I'll do the same trifold for these too.
I don't use disposable boosters because all they do is swell and not distribute the wetness then end up bunching between my legs and on my bottom making it hard to sit because most are only about 15" long. With the cloth insert they pretty much extend the whole diaper.
Yeah I gotta wash them but I'll give them a rinse while I shower by laying them in the tub and showering over them. When I'm done showering I'll rinse and wring them out then wash with my regular whites on laundry day.
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I never considered trying boosters. I thought Megamax diapers were pretty great by themselves when I found them. Northshore sent a sample pack of boosters with an order and I thought they looked pretty useless. A couple months later I decided to finally try one in my diaper. OMG It was amazing! 😲 I love using them and always have one in my day diaper now.

With a booster, my diaper feels more fluffy when dry and bulges larger and more evenly in the front when wet. NGL, I absolutely love how bulged it gets in front. It doesn't seem real.:LOL: At the end of the day I can't even close my legs normally. You can absolutely tell I'm wearing soaked diaper when I'm sitting by the front of my pants. :oops: Luckily I usually have an untucked shirt on, because there would be no hiding it otherwise.
The booster definitely increases capacity because even after a full day the back of my diaper is barely wet now. before there was always a couple inches wicking up the back.
tried a few varieties including re-useable but have to say my go to when i can get them are the Tykeables doubler... they swell up very nicely... currently making do without as cant get supplies of the Tykeables in the UK... might give the Abu Power Ups a go
I wear at least one cloth insert under every cloth prefold I wear. Sometimes two, especially when I know we will out for several hours. I don't mind the added thickness between my legs, in fact, I enjoy the feelings some. It's probably just my imagination, but I feel like I waddle just a bit when I have two inserts on and have wet myself enough to make my crotch thicker. At night my wife uses three cloth inserts to make sure I don't leak and make our sheets wet.
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I'm another one of those annoying cloth wearers whose response probably isn't quite what was wanted, but... as we weren't expressly told that this wasn't our party too... :)

I almost always boost with baby prefolds--Green Mountain Diapers, Gerber, vintage Curity, ... The thickness and "waddle factor" are just bonuses though. The main aim is functionality. I'm up and down from my office chair all day, and that extra padding is pretty much essential for avoiding press-out leaks when I sit. For all the use I get out of them, the cost is negligible (I haven't bought any in years), but of course there's the laundry.
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I definitely use disposable boosters every night in my tena ultra or super, by themselves the diaper doesn't absorb enough. My booster of choice lately has been a baby disposable that I ''slaughter'' so all I'm using is the pad from it. Works great and is much more cost effective than buying actual ''booster pads''.
Abdlchriscrinkle said:
I definitely use disposable boosters every night in my tena ultra or super, by themselves the diaper doesn't absorb enough. My booster of choice lately has been a baby disposable that I ''slaughter'' so all I'm using is the pad from it. Works great and is much more cost effective than buying actual ''booster pads''.

Yep I do exactly the same thing as you!

Since returning to the UK from the US a while ago, I have struggled to find a decent "go to" booster available in the UK. I have tried a few brands but didnt really like them. What got me on to this was one day while I was out running I saw a neatly folded unused pampers just laying there in the middle of the path, must have fallen from a pushchair or bag or something, anyway, if it was still there in my way back I decided I would pick it up and take it was!

On unfolding it, it was a pampers size 5 nappy. Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a thorough examination and carefully "deconstructed it" as such to see how its made. Removing its cloth outer, plastic backer that has all the print. I was surprised to find its absorbent pad to be fully intact and be its own sealed unit as such. Then I got some scissors and then started to trim off the wings and leg cuffs leak guards and leaving the inner cover intact that would touch your skin. It sat nice and flat in a rectangular shape. "That looks like a thin booster pad!" I thought to myself. I decided to put it to the test and used it as one. I was actually surprised how much it swelled up and the amount of wetness it absorbed. Just a size 5 pampers made a big difference in my adult nappies absorption. So.........I decided to take things a stage further and bought a whole pack of pampers size 8 and try this method with them. Unfortunately things didnt go to plan and the pampers pad would "breach" and some of the contained SAP material would spill out about 6/10 times. I would get covered in it and it was a very big pain in the butt to clean up, I would have no option but to shower to remove it all, but having a shower every time after a basic nappy change was out of the question. So then I thought "how could I get these pads inside the adult nappy to contain the mess if the pampers pad breaches?".

I did mange it after various attempts of different things. Some people may think "meh... not worth the effort", but I do it that much, I have streamlined the process down to just a few minutes. What I do now, is this: With a pampers size 8, I will remove its wings, leg cuffs, leak guards and cloth backing - leaving just the rectangular SAP pad with plastic print attached. I get some wide clear tape (2 inches wide or so) and cut 2 pieces one a bit shorter than the other and set them aside, like you do when wrapping christmas presents when you have your cut up bits ready to go. Then I get a sharp knife and cut a small slit just above the landing zone (plastic backed adult nappies). I reach inside and carefully separate the adult nappies SAP away from the plastic cover creating a void. Then I slide the pampers SAP pad inside so plastic outer is touching plastic outer. When its seated nicely inside, I then seal it up with my pre cut tape, the smaller piece going "up-down" and the longer piece to seal up the slit that was made. I sometimes double up with the pampers pads and I have taken things further by putting a tesco Jr plus nappies inside which also works very good. The absorbency of my adult nappies has increased loads! And you get the pampers print show through when it gets wet. The wicking properties of the pampers pad has also helped out by distributing the wetness better. I have found this booster pad method will probably work with plastic backed adult nappies only and most brands you can do it with, but sadly not baby nappy brands as a booster, pampers is the only one I have found where the pad is its own unit the others just seem to pull apart completely.

Well.........thats my long winded booster pad solution LOL.
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