Body Image and IC


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I, too, struggle with the exact same thing the OP is talking about. I became IC a bit later in life, after I'd already found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I've sort of found my way into being a DL perhaps as a coping mechanism, perhaps it was always there and just recently unearthed? The illogical part of it is that I feel unattractive myself because I have to wear diapers. Due to that, I haven't really been forward about my desires.

I personally am working through it to better my self-image, for you I think you're already on the best course. Find an abdl boyfriend who appreciates your uniqueness as a benefit, something that makes you better than all the other girls to them. Easier said than done of course, you'll have to "kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince", as in you'll have to sort through bales of messages from creeps, but there are good ones out there. I heard of many finding someone on Tumblr, but unfortunately they're shutting down that scene in less than a week. If you don't find anyone on this board, you could also try FetLife.


I built a schedule around my incontinence, I also maintain good hygiene and I can say that it definitely helps me keep a positive attitude about my body image. I also tend to focus on my personal accomplishments, like saving money, buying a car, making progress on my novel, or writing a new song. I still have a trench of loneliness in my life, but the more things I accomplish the less of a trench I find myself self in. It all comes in time. Set goals and it helps to be be realistic in your goals, don't try to accomplish something you don't have the skills for, even then focus on learning something each day, find time to read here and there, time play a musical instrument, time to relax and time to feel good, life throws curve balls at the worst of times, and it can seem impossible to to find the time for these things, but it's the only way to improve your mood.