Blue Song Translations to da-ba-dee as a GAME


"Paranormal Investigations in ABDL detection" lol
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Yeah, a new game.
I hear the da-ba-dee, etc. But I hear other words in it.
One is "I'm a neat kind of guy"
"promise me I won't ...(something)"... it hilariously goes on.

Does anyone hear words in this electrical funk stuff?
Could you, as a game tell me what you hear in this gibberish??? :ROFLMAO:

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I remember as a kid I used to hear/sing "If I was green I would die"
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Puppers89 said:
I remember as a kid I used to hear/sing "If I was green I would die"
I was hearing similar! I hear all sorts of things. First, it's the da-ba-dee...but it changes! I thought I was going nuts!:ROFLMAO:

Thanks for responding.
I'm a neat kind of guy, I'm a deep kind of guy, promise me I will die...goofy stuff the mind does! I hear it, but I also play music, so I tune my ear.

This song reminds me of a forward version of when some parents said the devil worship stuff long ago happened with Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, and other artists. So funny. :unsure::LOL::LOL:\
Now I hear, "Promise me I'm a guy"...(Now I am laughing)
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