Blowdryer trick with Pull Ups

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I'm not sure who suggested it, but a while back somebody made a post about using a Blowdryer to help stretch out the sides on pull ups to prevent ripping.

I tried it the other day It actually worked pretty well!! I was able to put Goodnites on a whole lot easier and not have them rip!!
That's pretty helpful
Might have been me that mentioned that. I used to wear the original Goodnites in the 90's, and the blow dryer trick made sure the sides didn't tear during the day. I've been suggesting the blow dryer trick for decades, on EP, possibly here, and elsewhere. These days I wear HDIS's Reassure Overnights 24/7, and they fit great without any adjustments, though I wear tightey whiteys over them, to keep them snugged up. Works for me!
If I sleep in drynites and don't want the sides breaking.

I staple the sides and put gaffa tape over the staples.

But will have to try that as well, thsnks.
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