Black ops 3

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  1. Diaper Lover
Does anyone know if black ops 3 is really worth buying?
Hey there, I've played a lot of COD (since the first one on PC back in 2003). This one has some interesting mechanics as well as a different movement system, however it still plays like a call of duty.
So, if you liked BO2, you'll probably end up liking BO3.

For me, personally, I didn't quite like BO2, but I'm enjoying BO3. It still has the wonky treyarch connections and hit detection issues, but they're pretty minor this time around.
Certainly a step up from Advanced Warfare (I think I only logged in around 12 hours on that game total).
For me it's a bit of a turn off, because you can't get the campaign on xbox 360 or ps3, though that really doesn't matter because I'm getting a xbox one for Christmas. I did like Both Bo and Bo2 so I should like Bo3.
theres a lot to do in this game. i skipped the past two games and found that i enjoy this game a lot even if i was never big on this franchise. All 3 modes have a lot to offer not just deathmatch.
Honestly the hardware on PS3/Xbox360 is incredibly out of date, those consoles have already lived their relevant cycle. Trust me, you won't want to be playing this game on the "last-gen" hardware. It will look and feel abysmal.
No there all a con,
you buy the extra maps and patterns for guns and so on and then Activision come out with new game they bring out hacks to kill off the old game.
so the game will have a very limited life and cost you alot of money if you want all the maps.
Since Christmas I've gotten black ops 3 in my possession and Ill just say it's okay for the moment. I like the multiplayer alot. The campaign seems to deliver some interesting ideas but it ultimately just feels boring to me.
CosmicFidelity said:
Nothing new but just very well done. Very overrated.

Technically yes.
But at least it wasn't as bad as ghosts.
CosmicFidelity said:
Is it strange I liked Ghosts? I don't know why everyone despised it?

Well I suppose ghost's isn't really that bad, it's just maybe abit underwhelming, I think people expected a bit more from a " next gen " cod title, but I digress
cod ghost LITERALLY IS THE MOST trash game on pc. Worst optimized game ever, and on top of that they never even tried to fix it.

As for black ops 3 its a hate and like relationship. Personally I don't think you should get it but I would not rate the game as being horrid. Mainly because the game suffers from the same issue that AW did.

AW actually wasn't a bad game I enjoyed a lot of things about it but I am gonna be honest. AW was to big of a jump you can't go from running on the ground to FLYING IN THE SKY with fast movements. AW maneuver system also wasn't even built for use with a controller, which is the majority of their sales. I've sat down and watched gameplay on pc and console on that game and on console players just run around and occasionally use boost while on pc players dodging bullets crashing into the ground at lightning speeds. They should have made AW into its own game and sold it as a completely separate game.
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