Black Friday Deals

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Morning folks,

I had a minor brainstorm last night with the voices in my head. Black Friday is coming up and a lot of the retailers that deal in the necessities for our pass times have deals, but some of these might not end up being very useful to us members up North.

So I thought, that with the combined wisdom of our members who order a lot online (I myself have only dealt with a couple of companies once or twice and its never been for the ABDL marketed brands as they tend to cost a lot to get here), we could compile an up to date list of retailers and suppliers who sell and ship to Canada (Those located in Canada included of course), but do so without charging shipping costs that negate the deal you are trying to get. Full cases, combination packs. Whatever tickles your fancy. I used to deal with Age Comfort for Abenas but with the recent price increases across the board that's not as good a price bracket as it once was.
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