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I need help finding a binky for my little girl. i need to find a stronger pacifier other than the nuk 5 that she keep chewing though ever 3 or 4 months. She loves to sleep with them but has a tengency to to pull and chew at it in her sleep.


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That's going to be a hard one to solve. Whether it be a latex or a silicone teat it'll be about the same as far as durability.


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Actually, it isn't hard. Silicone will do the job done and soothe your tongue to perfect perfection.

Nuk's are one of the better pacifiers and last a long time so she must have some shredder teeth ^^ Still perfect silicone, soothing, relaxing. Pretty much your go-to pacifier. There is something stronger than the NUK 5 you have for your little girl so you can upgrade to a NUK 6...

A NUK 5 pacifier has all these qualities; However, a NUK 6 has the same stuff as this below from the NUK website,

NUK Pacifier Information said:
Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development
Helps soothe and comfort baby
True orthodontic nipple naturally fits baby’s mouth:
Angled bottom maximizes tongue movement
Curved top mirrors shape of baby’s upper palate
Heart-shaped shield fits under baby’s nose for extra comfort
#1 selling brand in the US, used by hundreds of US hospitals
BPA free, Top-rack dishwasher safe

These pacifiers pretty much share for both babies Nuk 1,2, and 3 while adults can do Nuk 4 and 5. Adult-sized pacifiers, consisting of a standard baby pacifier guard but a larger, wider nipple, and I would believe might be perfect for your little girl. The guard around it will make breathing easier and durable around it.

There IS a NUk 6 that might be slightly larger but more improved if you want to try an upgrade. Still has the same qualities as the thing is listed above. You can try to go for a NUK 6.

As for chewing you can get teeth guards to soften the chews on a pacifier to make it last longer and they got them bender ones where it's soft and healthy for teeth, non-degradable, and actually CAN protect teeth while sleeping. Probably something you wouldn't use but you would definitely get your money's worth out of it.
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