Big vintage diaper question late '80s

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So, I have these very formative and very distinct memories of two particular types of diapers in my childhood.

The type I wore well beyond potty training to bed "just in case"

and the type I remember from when my friend got put into them in daycare for wetting his pants.

So, we were both definitely 5. It was 1988. I know both of these facts because of a cartoon I remember everyone emulating at the daycare. I may have actually worn the bedtime diapers beyond that but they're tied together to one particular memory in 1988.

So anyway, the ones I wore to bed were all white as far as I can remember. The package I have some fuzzy memory of having a yellow smiley face logo on it and I think it was brown and plastic.

the ones from daycare had blue elastic and maybe? a blue square in the middle of the absorent part.

I don't hold out hope on the ones I wore to bed because they were probably store brand or something. but in 1988 there cant have been many diapers that could fit a 5 year old and also had blue elastics, right?

Do either of these things sound familiar to anyone?
I would have been 5 in 1988, too, and was still in diapers at night, too. I was in Luvs mainly and don't remember the diapers that you describe. Best of luck!
I'm not familiar with them either. Maybe Cottontail can shed some light on this. Not sure how far his collection / reviews / etc goes back. But I know he deals with a lot of baby diapers.

I can remember blue elastic on the big brands (Pampers, Luvs, & Huggies). I just don't know when they started to have that elastic. Was it in the 80's, 90's, or later? I'm not sure.

Hopefully you can figure this out. (Did Luvs have one of those blue squares in them? Can't remember...)
I've worn all three 3 brands—Luvs at home, Pampers while traveling, and Huggies & Cozies at daycare.

The last brand I mentioned (Cozies) did have diapered kids in T-shirts flying in a sunny sky by way of pink and yellow panda head balloons on the landing strip, but I can't recall the middle absorbent area being blue. Think this was it?
My first adult nappies supplied by the NHS continence service because I was still a chronic bedwetter at 15 were bright blue.
I can find almost nothing about Cozies on the internet except they were bought by Drypers in 1992.

I did find it interesting to see a news article from 1990 talking about them having only come out in February of 1989. These memories could have happened then... I don't remember when I stopped wearing them to bed but do know enough facts to place the daycare memory in 1st grade, which I guess would have gone to spring of 1989. I moved that summer but don't remember when so really it could have been up to 7 months of 1989.

The reason I'm really interested in the Cozies right this minute is A: the article mentioned they debuted with a dark packaging to try and drum up trial purchases, B: they had a panda face logo (maybe I'm replacing panda with smiley face in my mind?) and C: the description in 1990 of the diaper includes a blue thing in the middle.

That being said, I can't find any images of either the packaging or the diapers themselves, and I *thought* I remembered the packaging of my diapers being the dark one and the blue being on the diaper they put the other boy into.

Ah well, that's closer to finding out than I've ever come! This has already been a helpful thread! :D

Edit: I did find this one on ebay that the seller says is from the 90s. It actually reminds me a lot of the ones I used to wear but mine weren't decorated like this.

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