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So I haven't posted in a while but I thought this would be a good occasion. I just made a pretty big order and part of it shipped just a few minutes ago. I ordered 50 Tykables Overnights and a combo case of 40 Space and 40 Little Pawz from ABU. :thumbsup:

I am really excited to get these delivered. Hopefully some of them will be here by the weekend.

On that note, what are your opinions on these three types of diapers? I am looking forward to every one of them! Any recent orders have you excited as well?

I'm always a little excited over an order of a new product, wondering what it will be like. A bit less so for something I already am familiar with. So, what'd you get?
Dang. Big order. I've only tried the Space ones from that list. I really like them. Very thick and absorbent.
I'm excited. This is my first big order outside of Bambino. I don't really wear as often as I would like, so this supply might last quite a while. My new job provides me with the opportunity of a slightly larger disposable income; even after saving a large portion of it. I am excited to think that I could wear nightly for 4 months straight.

I usually only wore primarily on special weekends. This would allow me to fully utilize each diaper; recently I tried having an alcoholic drink or two before bed. I am a lightweight, I want to say I had my first true drink on my 22nd birthday two years ago, and get really sleepy after only a couple drinks. Man I fell like I was missing out! I sleep HEAVY when I do this and wake up wet nearly every time. I don't drink often, but when I do I am sure to be wearing.

Though I can't wait to get my hands on all of them I think I am most anxious for the Tykables.
I have the space and the tykables.
Space diapers will hold more, but its hard to get a nice fit with these. I can't seem to get a good tight fit around the legs which makes them more vulnerable to leaks.
Even though they have a much higher capacity, I've worn them overnight and had leak issues even on the first wettings.
Now the tykables on the other hand are a more "fitted diaper. they are a bit smaller, but IMHO much cuter print, much better fit and I have never leaked with these even worn overnight !
Another advantage of the tykables is they are more discreet when worn under clothing.
I also have the bambino belisimos,Teddies, DC Armor, Rearz spoiled, Fabines and a few more. The tykes are by FAR my faves.:smile:
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