'Big Brother's ' Baby Punishment. (TV Reality Show)


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I wonder if anyone can remember the following which happened during an episode of the UK version of the TV Reality Show 'Big Brother ' - it involved a guy called Maxwell (I think).

I can't remember what exactly he did, but he upset one of the female housemates. As a result, she was given the opportunity to choose his punishment. As he was a big football (soccer) fan, one option was to make him wear a football shirt from a rival team.

However, she had a more humiliating punishment for him. He had to dress up as a baby, complete with nappy and bonnet. Then he was made to sit on a 'naughty step', cuddling a teddy-bear. (I can't remember if he sucked a dummy or not).

Although I'm not usually a Reality Show fan, I certainly enjoyed this one!🙂
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Found this don't know if that was the one 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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That was fake as heck, that kind of famous people always do things in an awkwardly casual way.
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Interesting, but it wasn't this one. It wasn't the Celebrity version I was thinking of. I'm not sure which series of Big Brother the baby punishment happened, but I will try and find out.
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Found out more about it. It was during Season 6 (2005). What happened was that Maxwell had requested some underwear. However, he was so unhappy with what he'd been given, that he set fire to it with a cigarette lighter. As punishment, he was made to dress up as a baby and sut on a 'naughty step ' for three hours!
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I remember Jedward behaving like babies in the celebrity version of Big Brother.
I loved it when Big Brother contestants got punished, whether it was being locked in jail for a few hours, or blindfolded, or having to wear a silly outfit, such as in Maxwell's case.