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I'm an older guy and been wearing for over 10 years now. I've tried quite a few different kinds and brands. I've settled in to a daily routine of wearing one to bed at night and here lately been leaving it on for the whole next day. I really love it and can't believe I'm so hooked. What I'd like to know is there a favorite for other folks that really swell and get fat when they get soaked. Some seem to swell more than others and I'm sure there are other folks that like the fat and swelled up feel as well. Love to hear from others.
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My top 2 favorites are tena ultra/ tena super and seni ☺️. Tbh abena is okay isnt really my favorite.


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Well sure thought this topic would stir up more comments. Right now my favs are Rearz Mermaid Tales. They have hook and loop fasteners that really work well and are rated at 7000Ml so really hold a lot.
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I love Rearz Rebels and Northshore's Megamax! I think Rearz holds more because I've flooded those like 3-4 times and they still held up very nicely.
I’ve got to agree with Diaperboy on the MagaMax. They do swell up considerably and with their great landing zone for their tapes they hold the weight of the soaked diaper, without sagging, quite well.
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I love the Mega-Max . in one that i have had on for last 11 hours
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I definitely have a favorite combo, which was actually a complete accident!

I was getting a big Tykables Camelot all rigged up with two ABU EU / Dubbler boosters as usual, until I put them in upside down! You're probably wondering what I mean by that, but I'm referring to the seams. I always have them facing downwards so it doesn't get pulled open by the you-know-what.

To fix it, I taped in a third EU / Dubbler boosters, and goodness, it was insanely thick even when it was all dry!

And once the first (and following) wettings flooded into it, it was amazing! All three boosters and eventually the Camelots guzzled it all down, fattening up and turning stiff in seconds, only getting thicker, thicker, and even heavier.

It never leaked once, and towards the end, it still never leaked, but it wasn't just a little thick, it was a few inches thick. Soft as well, but still rather firm given how well all three of those boosters packed themselves full too, with the Camelots catching and locking in whatever they couldn't.

I definitely want to try this again, but it's gonna be a little costly in terms of the diapers, boosters and water that I'll need, lol.