Bicycle Riding while padded...?

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I am riding my bike regularly for health and fitness. And I simply enjoy it too. I have never ridden while padded. I have a Trek Madone road bike (drop down bars, clipless pedals, hard narrow seat...). I do between 6 and 10 miles a day. My diaper of choice is an Abena Abriflex Premium 3. I would appreciate input from anyone with experience riding while padded.
I've done it for short rides, and absolutely would not recommend for longer ones. Things can get sweaty fast and chafe, which is a recipe for disaster. Also that additional padding can really press into your taint on a longer ride, and make that area sore if not outright bruised, depending on how the seat configuration is.
Other than the obvious sweating and chaffing, the extra padding also tends to change your seat geometry. This may not affect you, but for most it does. It will put more stress on your joints and back. Very short 6-10 mile rides are doable with a reasonable modicum of comfort, but I would not recommend longer distances. In this instance, as is the case of doing almost all physical fitness while wearing protection, the thinner the better. I found that the Tena Flex range offers a fairly decent amount of protection, flexibility, and durability. The fact that they are a cloth cover means that you can load the ever living daylights out of it with your choice of powders. That will REALLY help to cut down on chaffing and keep the sweat factor to a minimum for longer. Also, the very large elastic single tab system allows for an excellent fit with extreme flexibility. Unfortunately, while the padding is absorbent it is the least durable part of that diaper. It will clump and become uncomfortable at a certain point of sweat exposure and activity.

I would suggest you start with a fairly simple ride to assess your experience. I would also suggest a different diaper as the level 3's are still a bit too thick for an activity like this. However…your mileage may vary!
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The only time I ever did it I ended up with a rash (I don't get them very often at all) and didn't find it comfortable at all. I wouldn't recommend it.
For long distances on my bicycle, what I learned to prevent chafing is to cut away the leakguards on your diaper, as they are responsable for causign chafing, also avoid using boosters in your diaper - you sweat a lot, so there's no need of extra absorbtion.

I prefer a Tena Maxi slip or super, when riding my mountainbike for extended hours, with the leakguards cut away. Also as others have mentioned the geometry of your saddle may need to be adjusted. Other than that there are no real difference...
I do it all the time on my Trek 7.5, but I wear cloth under my bike shorts. I don't have any problems at all, and I've gone wet. Typically I'll ride 7 miles as that's one loop on part of our bike trail. This spring/summer, I'm planning on doubling that, so I'll have to see how being diapered works out, though I don't think it will change. Cloth just adds a little more padding.
if you want to go any distance, cloth is pretty much required.
Its not the best but ive done it, a little Vaseline will help with the chafing issues and if you stand most of the time its not too bad
I don't see any application for doing physical activity while wearing a diaper, I would think that it would be too uncomfortable. I would recommend to keep it short. If you want to go ahead.
I only tend to do infrequent (every other month or so), longer rides up to and including century rides. So a diaper would be a disaster waiting to happen in a lot of ways for me. However it seems like for a shorter ride, it could be possible I suppose.
When your IC, you don't have a choice wether or not you will wear a diaper......riding bikes, or doing other things.

Feel lucky you have the choice to chose to wear or not....

Anyway with the right diaper riding a cycle is not any different than without a diaper.
I only did this a couple of times back in the day...under jeans. I found it pretty awkward actually... kind of fun, but not that comfortable. Probably whati was wearing wasn't really made for that level of activity either.
I love wearing diapers while riding, especially a wet one, but what i love most is when the back of my shirt lifts up a little bit from the wind, i feel like everybody that rides by see's my diaper, i try my best to not let that happen, but it is what it is
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My experience is that short (5-10 mile) bike rides work just fine in diapers if the diaper isn't too thick and the padded area is wide.

Really thick diapers, like the Abena X-Plus (M4), will push your knees apart and make it hard to pedal in a natural way. If the padded area is too narrow, as it is in many cheap disposables, the padding will bunch up under your crotch and become uncomfortable. If the padding is wide but not too thick, it will be perfectly comfortable, almost like a pair of bike shorts.

It's been several years since I've gone cycling, but back when I did, the plastic-backed Abena M3 was the diaper that worked best for me. Maybe the Air Plus version is worth a try?
It certainly makes the seat more comfortable
I ride almost every day while padded. AIOs seem to work best for me.
I wear cloth diapers and so far have gone 40 miles with no problem. I do ride a very comfortable recumbent trike with a bucket type seat. I just got back to riding after breaking my hip 3 months ago. I'm sure that longer trips will be no problem and the extra protection is nice. I use 2 inserts.
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