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Does anyone else like to wear a bib during your meals. My wife would put a bib on me for some meals. She would tell me "You are such a messy baby. "
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I'm not AB but I'm seriously considering getting a freaking bib.
I swear there isn't a meal where I don't drop, dribble, splash or splat some food on my shirt. Sometimes I'll be diapered with a onsie on and I'll somehow, some way manage to get food on it. Ticks me off because then I have to take off the shirt or onsie and pretreat it and change into another one. Worse if it's a greasy food because if not treated right away it leaves a greasy permanent stain. I'll use Dawn dish detergent for the greasy drips. For other stains I use Oxy Clean. Works great for other stains on onsies too. Oops.😳😚😊🤗☺️


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Of course, it's the best way to keep my clothes clean during feeding time.
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I make my own bibs and wear them when eating to help keep my cloths clean.
I also live alone so I get no grief for doing so.
I also make them to sell.
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