Betterdry L back in stock (cross posted, please delete if not allowed)


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Just an FYI to anyone looking. I had to reorder and received notification that LLMedico has the Betterdry in L back in stock. I forgot to ask but they likely also have the XL in stock as well.
I am going to ask a favor here. LLMedico has gone above & beyond for me. I am a disabled vet (still have to buy my own as nothing the VA will provide me with to date is even close to what I need) and Heather/Alex (owners) literally carried me for a while when I was in a real bad way. I would TRULY APPRECIATE if you'd tell them that Kirk recommended you. It costs you nothing to do this, I receive nothing from this other than paying back favors done for me over the past dozen years, give or take. Seriously, PLEASE tell them I recommend you if you call to speak to them OR if you're only going to order online, PLEASE add my name as who recommended you even though you likely have to type it in manually. It doesn't take but 10-15 seconds of your time and I'd truly appreciate everyone that does so! Heather, Alex (owners) and Ashley (employee) all know me quite well as I've been a long time customer of theirs. I know most won't do this little favor but fail to understand why. I can't get into what they did for me (I'm not the only one which I know for a fact) but believe me, it made a world of difference at points in time when I was in dire straights and believe me, they went above & beyond as a supplier when they really did not have to do anything at all. I very much wasn't to repay the favor but if people don't mention who recommended them they'll never know. PLEASE! Thank you!
Thank you very much!
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