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Is it just me or is the ultimate best feeling when you wet your dipey while drinking your baba or sucking on your paci??? I find it oddly comforting to be laying sucking my bottle or paci and make peepee without even thinking about it. I feel so little and safe. I often just drift off to sleep!! When do you other ABs feel the BESTEST,safest and littlest??
i havent been able to wet yet,
It would the the even more bESTESTEST feeling if you were cuddling with someone who loved you unconditionally
It's probably the body remembers is that when babies suck on their bottles and eat they wet and mess depending on what they're eating some times both.
It does feel good to be relieved at any age.
So sure it would be comforting you did that all the time for the first three and a half years of your life.
Wetting a diaper while drinking from a bottle at the same time. I catch myself doing it once in a while... It's quite nice. :D
Oh I am always cuddling my Teddy bear or Bowwow too! That just adds to the little and safe feeling!😊
I don't do bottles, but the feeling of just letting go in your diaper is amazing. When I'm age playing with my girlfriend, we often make a big deal out of our wetting "accidents," as part of our play. We'll jump around holding on and leg crossing while announcing how badly we need to go, until one of us has the inevitable accident. It's great, and we love doing it.

But I love the quiet relaxing pee in a diaper without a big deal being made. We often put some blankets on the couch to protect it, then wear diapers underneath our footed onesies while we watch a movie. During these times we both just quietly use our diapers as we sit there, and don't talk about it much. I admit to "having a thing" about being told to go in my nappy, I just love being given permission, so the following conversation usually takes place.

"I need to go and do a wee"

"Just use your nappy. That's what it's for"

"I don't think I should"

"Why not? I've wet mine a bit already! Look/feel this"

After that I'll just sit back and slowly and quietly pee a bit at a time, squirt by squirt as I watch TV. Maybe after a while one of us will ask the other if we've "gone" yet, but it's all in the spirit of being little.

Even when I'm alone I love having a slow gradual pee in my nappy while watching TV. It really brings the little out of me!
I love sucking on my bottle when I can, I love the taste of formula from a bottle. Also I like waking up in a wet diaper make me happy to.
There is something magical about wetting with a pacifier isn't there? Throw in a big teddy bear and it's just perfect. Make it a messy diaper on top of that and I'm in heaven :cloud9: Nothing puts me in the little mindset quite like that.
I like to cuddle with my plushies and suck on my paci as a drift off to sleep while wearing my diaper.
That is when I feel the most relaxed and the most regressed.
I totally agree :3 Although as a teenager falling asleep like that spelled disaster a couple times.
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