Best time last night

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Was sitting on the computer playing my game and my wife texts me. You should come outside and build a snowman and play in the snow. I said I didn't want to and she said go put on a diaper and your footie pj's and get dressed and play. So I tripled up my Diaper got my pj's on and snow pants. Ran outside and played. Had the best time ever.
We never really grow up, there are some things that will always be fun to do, like playing in the snow. Glad you had a great time.
I had to shovel about a foot of snow today, and my wife suggested I put on a diaper and my bib overalls, something I did yesterday. Still, it was wonderful having her suggest it. Wives!!!
my wife will let me do what i want and be baby when i want. She has put me in diapers and she has changed my wet diapers. she has bought me bottles and what not. she lets me wear where ever i want, But she still does not fully do what i want for me to truly enjoy a baby time. last night was perfect. she even looked at me and played with me as if i was just a kid having fun and was trying to play in the snow. I read others post bout there wives leaving them cause they like to wear a diaper. Or calling them names. or make fun of them. to me its just sad. Makes me love my wife more and more
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