Best Pull-Up?

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I am really bad at taping and prefer using pull-ups. I don't use them for wetting or soiling. I just really like the comfort, bulk and feel of wearing them. I am not looking for an AB style pull-up as I am a DL only.

I have tried the Abena Abri-Flex Pull-Ups and found that the back part of the padding gets uncomfortable as it stops right at the base of my bum, right in the middle of where you sit. I tried the Depends Male Briefs and they are too thin. The Tranquility Premium Overnight seem to be the best so far.

Anyone have any suggestions of others I might try?
Always Discreet pullups are my daily-use diapers (and I'm a guy, btw). My girlfriend likes them, too. Most stores I buy from have em on sale right now, so maybe check em out!

I've also got some TENA men's briefs that I bought yesterday but haven't tried those out at all, so I'll post up later today once I try them.

Good luck!
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You might want to check Northshore Flex Surpreme underwear. I haven't tried them yet but was thinking of getting some. good luck
Yeah, the TENA men's briefs aren't great. Padding stops far short of the front and back.

I've found women's pullups don't have as much space in the front, and narrower crotches/front areas, so the padding stays tighter and feels bulkier on a males genitals, even though there may be less material.
Always Discreet is too thin for me. I like Tranquility ATNs best so far.
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