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What do you think Is the best adult pacifier on the market ?
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I like
I like Littletude on Amazon.
I really like the these big MAM shields. (Thanks, @BobbiSueEllen for the tip!) They work with most nipples. I have a couple with LFB and similar NUK-style orthodontic nipples installed, and I really like them. I also really like modding baby MAMs with adult-size nipples.

I find that most other pacifier shields feel rather flat against the lips, whereas the MAM and MAM-style ones grab your lips a bit more, which I like.
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Thanks! And a big thanks to @dion413 for making them available on eBay! 🥳
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BobbiSueEllen said:
Thanks! And a big thanks to @dion413 for making them available on eBay! 🥳
Oh wow! Didn't know he was a member here. KEWL!
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The thing is: the best pacifier is very subjective. There are multiple parts. Here’s my opinion for each one.

AdultPacifier has the best guard.
@dion413 has the best latex nipples.
Pacifier Addict has the best silicone nipples.

Go with what’s best for you.
My favorite pacifiers are made by Little For Big. they are much like the Nuk 5, but built better and hold up to me quite well.

I'm a bit of a chewer. 😁
I love Fixx 10.

After having one I can't go back to my regular sz 6 pacis. Have a whole box I can't use now. They feel so small and thin like Im having to struggle holding them with only my front teeth and there isn't enough teet to really suck. And the guards only feel like they cover the lip area. It just doesn't feel authentic.

Fixx 10 just fits like a glove. The huge teet almost vacuum seals to where I can keep it in my mouth indefinitely without effort and without having to constantly bite it with my front teeth to keep it from falling out. Has enough surface area on the teet to get a lot of suction to smoosh that huge babyish guard into my cheeks which makes me feel super smol. And finally while the teet bulb seems huge and overwhelming it is very soft and pliable and very well vented so it effortlessly deflates and inflates and is extremely comfy and addicting.

If you really want to sleep like a baby use those breathing strips on your nose so you can breath unimpeded while keeping Fixx 10 in your mouth and pressed against your face all night. Take melatonin and sleep with a noise machine.

Nothing beats waking up completely and thoroughly refreshed to the faint smell of pee and wet baby powder, with your paci still in your mouth and your arms still wrapped tightly around your stuffy warm and snuggly under a kid print blankie.

🤤🤤🤤🤤💥 👶👶👶👶
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