Best pacifier for thumb sucker?


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I ask this amazing community for suggestions, I am trying to find a suitable pacifier for myself. I have sucked my thumb the entirety of my life as I know it and I don't believe one will ever be able to replace my thumb, but I'm looking for one that comes close.
Their are a few reasons why I want one including being able to use both hands and still have the comfort of something that comes close to what my thumb offers. I do have a pacifier I got from Walmart but it is almost unusable with how small it is. I need something bigger and more functional. I don't have much experience in pacifiers although silicone seems to be pretty favorable.

The qualities I'm looking for in my search are as follows. Not overly pricey, has decent shipping-speed/price, has a good silicone nipple, is multiple-pieced, and
would like for the guard/physical size of it to be small enough for me to conceal (don't want anything overly massive) but still be big enough for the functionality of it.
I don't really care about how fancy it looks, I want something of good quality and that will last a long time.
Thank you people for any suggestions you may have.

I also ask another question of less priority: I live in a house with people that are pretty nosey about what packages I receive. You could say they are parents but they are not my mom and dad. I would like to figure out how I should go about receiving packages that won't cost a whole lot. This is a less of a priority than getting a pacifier as I have a decent feeling that they might have seen me a few times sucking my thumb and or my current pacifier (which I can't use for more than a few minutes without it becoming uncomfortable or the urge of sucking my thumb overcomes the satisfaction of the pacifier).
Here is my current one:
Thank you for ALL. Any input is welcome and appreciated! 😄


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Not a thumbsucker, but I think the most logical step up would be a Nuk 5. Nuk 5s are a nice in between, they are way bigger than a baby paci, but they aren't massive like those mega pacifiers from Germany. I just took a look at some of the Nuk 5s that I own and the nipple is slightly larger than the size of my thumb. I also find that a Nuk 5 fits my mouth the nicest.

You can order those pacifiers online. You can find them on eBay or you can get them through Babypants and Little For Big as well.

From experience, Nuk 5s aren't very pricey at all, anywhere between 8 and 15 dollars USD, the nipples are silicone and they are quite durable. I believe they can be disassembled as well, but I am not entirely sure about that. The shield is slightly larger than a standard baby paci, but still, that shouldn't pose much of a problem when it comes to hiding, pacifiers are easy to tuck away 😄 Also, a larger shield will make you feel more like a baby when using it ;)

Shipping tends to be fair to fast if you go with Babypants or Little For Big. I live in Canada and I have gotten pacifiers from both those websites between 1-2 weeks. You're in the US, so I'd imagine it may even take less time for you to get your paci 🙂

As far as getting packages with a modicum of privacy, the standard answer is to usually get a P.O. Box or to see if you can have the packages delivered at a UPS or FedEx near you. Pacifiers ship in very plain, small boxes. I highly doubt having a pacifier sent to your residence would raise any suspicion considering the small size and discretion of the packaging.

Hope this helps :D
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Amazon might be your best bet. Depending on where you live, you can now have it delivered to an "amazon locker":

I have both a nuk5 and one from little for big. The nuk5 is a little too squishy for my likes and is shorter, but probably most like a baby paci. The L4B is slightly stiffer and slightly longer, both of which I prefer.