Best or Most Memorable Places you've Flown (As Passenger or Crew)?

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So like the title says, have you flown anywhere either as a pilot or passenger that you thought was really awesome?

I've flown around the New Zealand Southern Alps which was pretty awesome. It was in a Piper-Cherokee and part of my terrain and weather awareness training before I got my PPL.

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Flying over Lake Tahoe (either daytime or night) on the landing or take-off pattern for Reno, NV. Flying over the Colorado Rockies in winter for take off or landing at Aspen or Vail. Both areas are magnificent!
My wife and I flew over the New Jersey Pine Barrens in a Cessna with my dad as the pilot. It wasn't exotic, but exciting to be up in the air in something not a whole lot bigger than a Volkswagen Beatle.
I flew over the Rocky Mountains just after a snow storm. The sun was shining and to see the mountains with the bright white snow was a sight I will never forget!
ah, I've only ever been to America once in my life. Just looked at some pictures of the Rocky Mountains and decided I have to go flying there some time :D
When we came back from a conference in Atlanta, Ga. to Albuquerque NM we encountered a lighting storm near Oklahoma. We flew for about and hour to pass this storm, so we got to watch the lighting from above and to the side. A definite E ticket.

When we flew into Honolulu, Hi, I did not realize that the Airport is Hickam Field. Seeing the Airport and Pearl Harbor for the first time, I suddenly realized that the Japanese where shooting "Carp in a bucket" on 12-7-41. God that harbor is small!

The worst landing has to be the Reno, NV airport. They do a power turn at the end of the runway and then finish slowing down.

The most nervous (my first) landing is San Francisco airport. The runway goes out into the bay so as you come down there is water, and when you land there is still water!!!!!!!!
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