Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers


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Hi, ok this is like my first time sharing a story, so I hope I'm doing this right. This is a sorta fantasy story based around my own life (or at least how I wish it). It will be heavy in wetting scenes -- or at least that is my intention -- there will be diapering scenes, and baby/big brother scenes. I do not intend on writing anything sex related, but the main character does get a kick out of being little. Whether it becomes sexual or not is up to the character. Well here is it. Best Friends Make the Best Big Brothers
Chapter 1:
Sometime close to midnight in a little town outside of Philly, fifteen year old Trevor Niallan was busily packing a suitcase. The only sounds coming from his room were his radio that he liked to listen to while he slept, and the occasion mumbling under his breath. In less than twelve hours he and his entire class would be on an airplane to Orlando, Florida.

“Oh crap, where is my…”

The only problem was, he hadn’t decided to pack until 20 minutes ago.
Trevor wasn’t normally as scatter-brained as he was tonight. But the anxiety he was feeling about the trip was constantly flustering him and mixing up his thoughts. The anxiousness was caused by multiple things; for one thing he had never spent more than a night or two away from home, this trip was for a whole week. But more than likely the main reason behind his fears would have probably been his age.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “fifteen isn’t that bad of an age”, and you’d be right. However, when you’re the only fifteen year old in a class of 17-19 year olds, it can be a little intimidating. When your mom has been a teacher for twenty-some years, you end up skipping first AND eighth grade. This meant that instead of being a sophomore, Trevor was in his senior year. Now it wasn’t all good, or all bad. He had made some really great friends in his class. They always looked out for him, whenever they could. But, sometimes people were not so keen to having a “baby” in their grade. But Trevor knew better, he never let any of the harsh things people would say get to him.

“There, I think I have everything”. Trevor zipped up his suitcase, climbed into bed, and tried to get whatever sleep his body could possibly allow him before he was taking off for what was going to end up being…the trip of a lifetime.


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I'll take the lack of feedback that maybe I didn't feed you guys enough stuff? Either way here is the next chapter of the story
Chapter 2:

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP click Trevor slammed his fist down on his alarm clock.

“uhhhhhhg just five more minutes….”, he said in his groggiest, whiniest tone possible as if it would somehow make a difference.


God, why does she have to yell this early in the morning? The sleepy teenager thought rolling his blue eyes full 360 inside his head, “ALRIGHT MOM I’LL BE DOWN IN A SECOND!”


BUT YOU JUS….ugh nevermind. I’m sorry mom”, Trevor knew this was a battle he would not end up winning so he decided to just stop there and get ready. One last moan of displeasure and he threw off his blankets.

“Go….sh darn it”, he slurred out. He never swore. Even at school he always filtered himself. The fear of his mother hearing even the slightest foul sounding thing leave his lips scared him, and her knowing all his teachers even made school unsafe to cut loose. He looked down and saw his Doctor Who boxers clinging to his thighs. He lifted himself out of his bed just to confirm what he already knew, there in the middle of his Irish flag printed sheets was a giant wet spot.

Seriously, He thought to himself, this is the most important day of my life. Couldn’t I just get a break for once? He quickly tore them off his mattress, threw them down his laundry shoot – along with his boxers – and quickly jumped in the shower. Fifteen minutes later, after making sure his brown/blond streaked hair was the perfect balance between messy and neat, Trevor came down the stairs clad in khaki cargo shorts and a baby blue sleeveless tee.

“It’s about time you decided to come downstairs; your breakfast is getting cold”.

“Ha Ha, very funny mom. There was no way I was going to miss out on your pancakes”, the young man said taking his seat at their little breakfast nook.

“Well thank you, sweetheart”, his mother replied placing her plate and his down on the table. As she sat down she let out a slight sigh, “So…how’d you do last night Trev?”


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Very good !! I realy like so far!! The only no its that your chapters are very short!!!!


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a good start
I'm interested in seeing where this is going.
did he pack any protection for the trip?


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Thanks for all your replies :) I worked on making the chapters longer for this next one. As for Trevor remembering to pack protection, you'll just have to wait and see. Anyway, here is the next installment.
Chapter 3:
Without even looking up from his plate, and with a mouth full of pancakes, Trev replied, “hee mom. Do you knaww wher mu glatheth are?”

Trevor’s mom rolled her eyes as she handed over a pair of thickly black rimmed eye glasses, “Please do not talk with your mouth full Trevor Scott. You’re lucky I can understand what you are saying.”

Swallowing his last bite and putting on his glasses, Trevor blushed and looked up at his mom, “Sorry”, he replied.

His mom just shook her head, “It’s alright, honey. I know you’re very excited about today. But you still haven’t answered my question. And you don’t have any more food to shove in your mouth to avoid answering it. How did you…”

“Mom, could I please have some more”, the boy interrupted, his cheeks now turning an even darker shade of red.

“TREVOR I am not going to ask you again, you have stalled long enough. It’s a very simple ‘yes or no’ question, did you have an accident last night?”

Tears started filling the boy’s eyes and his cheeks were bright red, “YES OK YES I WET THE BED. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU HAVE TO ASK THIS EVERY MORNING WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS GOING TO BE. YOU KNOW I WET THE BED. YOU KNOW I SOMETIMES HAVE ACCIDENTS WHILE I’M AWAKE. WHY DON’T WE JUST ANNOUNCE IT TO THE WORLD THAT I’M NOTHING BUT A BIG BABY IF WE’RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT EVERY DAY!” he looked up at his mom who had a very blank expression on her face. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, “I’m sorry I yelled mom.”

“Oh ba…sorry I know you don’t like being called that, but there is no reason to get so upset about this”, Trevor’s mom said sympathetically getting up from her seat to go over and calm her son down. She began to rub his back, “I know how hard this is for you. Believe me, I’ve seen you morning after morning so frustrated with yourself, or when you come home from school in a new pair of pants and hide up in your room for an hour. But you and I both know that you can’t help it, and the doctor said you will eventually grow out of it when you hit puberty. You just need to give your body some time to mature, and then everything will begin to work out”, she gave her son a kiss on his forehead, “now go clean your face up and brush your teeth. I’ll go put your suitcase in the car”.

The drive to school was quieter than usual. Trevor’s mom had the radio on, but neither of them were singing along. About two blocks away Trevor’s mom finally broke the ice.

“Honey I know you are still a little upset about what happened this morning but I have to ask this, did you remember to pack the Goodnites package I bought you yesterday? And the spare pairs of underwear and pants I laid out for you? I want to make sure you are 100% comfortable spending a week away from home for the first time.”

Trevor looked at his mom. He knew she meant well, even if he was embarrassed, “Yes mom. I packed them. But, for once, I’m not that worried about it. I’m rooming with Alex and Paidion. They both already know that I have issues and they are completely cool with it all. They’ve stayed over before you know they don’t tease me or anything.”

Trevor’s mom looked over at her son. She had never been more proud of her son and how he was handling his health problems. She knew the boys were good boys, she just wanted to make sure Trevor knew that he was going to be ok with them. “Yes, I know they have stayed over before, honey, and I know that they don’t mind your problems either. I just want to make sure that you don’t run into any issues while you’re away.”

Trevor rolled his eyes, “Mom, I’ll be ok. Honestly you’re acting more worked up about all this than me.”

Rolling her eyes right back at her son, Trevor’s mom replied, “Oh I know. I just can’t believe my little bab…I mean…little man is going away from home for the first time”, the car came to a stop. “Ok Trev, time to go. Can you at least humor me in giving me a kiss goodbye?”

“Oh Mom”, he leaned over his seat and kissed his mother on the cheek, “I love you, Mom. I’ll call you when we get to the hotel ok?”

“I’ll be waiting by my phone. Oh and Trevor, please don’t drink too much before bed. I know how you and Alex love having those soda drinking contests. And try to use the toilet every 2 hours. And…”


“Ok Ok you’re right sorry, you got it under control. I love you, son. Have a wonderful time! Take plenty of pictures, AND CALL ME WHENEVER YOU CAN…”, but Trevor was already out of the car heading over to his friends. She sighed as she put the car in gear, “Be safe, my little baby.”


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I hope that for at least a while I can update pretty regularly. So let's keep the ball rolling.
Chapter 4:
The entire senior class filled the cafeteria. Each one of them trying to talk louder than the other about how amazing the trip was going to be.
“I can’t wait to see Disney World!”

“No way, Harry Potter World is where it’s at.”

“I just can’t wait to leave this boring town!!"

Off in a corner by the vending machines, Trevor stood with his two best friends, Alex and Paidion.

Alex could only be described by anyone who knew him as ‘that typical red-head that every school has’, which was only half true. Yes he had the curly-est red hair in the school, AND he was very pale with tons of freckles, but he was starting to get built. He was a weight lifting junkie nowadays when he wasn’t busy winning for the school’s track team. Instead of one of his usual track team t-shirts, he was wearing a red Disney World shirt that looked maybe three years old and a pair of denim shorts.

Paidion on the other hand was the exact opposite of Alex. His parents gave him a weird name, and he lived up to the weirdness. His -- what used to be -- short, brown hair and was this crazy electric purple color. He was wearing some kind of green shirt that looked like it was covered in some Star Trek language with a pair of hot pink floods. But underneath all the odd that was Paidion, he was probably the most artistic kid in the school. That boy could draw something fierce. His arms were currently covered in his latest designs of sharpie marker tattoos.

“I can’t believe we get to spend a week down in Florida doing basically whatever we want!” Trevor said very excitedly to his friends, “The teachers are just going to really let us do whatever we want and leave us alone?”

Alex let out a chuckle. For a guy always trying to prove that he belonged with the “big kids”, Trev was sure acting like a little kid right now.

However, Paidion broke the news, “Well…it’s not like that exactly. We still have to follow the rules go where we are supposed to that day and stuff, but yeah essentially we are on our own for this trip. Just try not to do anything too stupid and this will be the best trip ever.”

Trevor let out a gasp, “I would never do something stupid on the trip. If anything YOU would end up painting one of your murals on the side of Splash Mountain.”

“Hmmm Splash Mountain eh?” Paidion said with a very evil smirk on his face, “interesting idea there man.”

“Oh way to go, Trev-o. Now you’ve done it, we’re going to wake up tomorrow to the police bashing down our hotel room door, all because Mr. Artist needed to ‘share his work with the world’”, Alex said sarcastically.


The boys turned around to see their Social Studies teacher, Mr. Rockwin, standing on top of a table.


Alex looked back and his friends, “Well I guess that means we better get ready to go than guys.”

Trevor replied, “Yeah lets go wait by the door now. That way we can sit in the back and not be bothered by any teachers.”

Alex quickly looked around, checking to make sure nobody else was really around. He lowered his voice to barely above a whisper, “Trevor, maybe we should hit the bathroom instead. It’s like a two hour drive to the airport, and then another two hours to get to Florida, and finally another hour to get to the hotel. That’s five hours where I know for a fact you are going to be too preoccupied with other things to focus on your needs. And the last thing we want, and I’m sure you want is to have any of your ‘issues’ on this trip.”

Trevor looked over at Paidion, the red rushing to his cheeks. Paidion could only give him the same serious look that Alex was giving him.

“Alex is right man. You don’t want to have to unpack your suitcase just to grab another pair of shorts before the trip even starts, right?”

Trevor let out a sigh,” No, you’re right. Can you guys just stand at the door anyway so we can sit in the back?”

Both the boys laughed, “Yeah Trev, just hurry up and pee before the bus gets here”, Alex said as his friend ran off the closest boys room.

Trevor entered the bathroom thankful that nobody was inside. Seeing as he seemed to be the only kid in the entire school who had yet to reach puberty, he preferred to use the stalls over the urinal. He quickly made his way inside, squeezed out every last drop of pee he could, and flushed. He opened the door to the stall and immediately slammed into something that felt like he hit a wall. He looked up to see that it was not a wall but that he had come face to chest with the last person he wanted to see the day of the big trip.

“Well hey there, baby boy. Mommy letting you go to the big boy potty all by yourself now?”


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I like the story so far.
But maybe you could make the paragraph longer.


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Thanks guys :) sorry for the long wait I've been crazy busy with my Prom and my AP Exams. But I'm back!! And now here's the next chapter.
Chapter 5:

Kalub Michaels was the star wrestler at the school. He was built like a cow and smelled like one too. His favorite pastime was calling Trevor the “class baby”. And right now he was having the time of his life.

“AWWWW you gonna cry now baby? Gonna cry for your mommy to come and save you?”

Trevor just kept a straight face. He dealt with this all the time and, quite frankly, was more annoyed at the lack of originality than the fact he was getting picked on. He was, however turning red. But not from trying to not cry, he has always wanted to smack down Michaels and make him cry so that he could call him the baby. But Trevor’s mom taught him better and he knew that violence, no matter how badly you wanna do it, was not the answer. He looked up at the wall of boy in front of him, “Just move Kalub, you and I both know that you don’t want to do this today. If anybody catches you messing with me, especially a teacher, you won’t be going on the trip.”

“Not gonna happen shrimp. Because who’s gonna tell. Certainly not me, and I know you won’t. Because if you do I’ll…”

“You’ll what Michaels?”

Both Trevor and Kalub spun around to see Alex standing there. “Trevor you ok? He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

“Besides invade my personal space while I was trying to exit the stall, no he hasn’t done anything physical to me.” Trevor said in a very dry tone staring at Kalub.

Kalub looked at Alex, “What do you want, Rogers? Come to take care of your precious little baby brother?”

Alex rolled his eyes, “Oh grow up Michaels. You really want to try and start something right now, with Mr. Rockwin outside the door?”

Kalub’s eyes widened, but he kept his cool otherwise, “You’re bluffing, Rogers. BALDwin is probably off…”

OFF DOING WHAT, MR. MICHAELS”, a sudden loud voice said from the doorway off the restroom.

“MMMMr. Rockwin, I didn’t see you there, sir”, Kalub said with a quaver in his voice.

Mr. Rockwin wasn’t buying this pathetic look that was staring him in the face, “Oh I’m so sure, Mr. Michaels. Just like how you won’t see me making sure you and all your little friends don’t do anything stupid while we’re down in Florida. It would be a shame if all those colleges you applied to were to see how poorly you represent a school on a trip.

Kalub stared at Mr. Rockwin, then back at Trevor who now had a nice little smirk on his face, let out an animal like growl, and walked out of the bathroom.

Mr. Rockwin turned now to the two boys left in the bathroom. His tone changed dramatically, to a much kinder one. “Boys, if he ever gives you any trouble on this trip you let me know immediately. Do you understand?”
Both boys responded, but Trevor just kept looking at the ground, “Yes, sir.”

“Niallan, look at me so I know you are listening.”
Trevor looked up at his teacher, “I heard you, sir. And I understand.”

“Good. Now both of you head outside. I’m sure your friend, Mr. Manee, is off somewhere looking for you. Probably already drawing your missing persons posters.”

“Yes sir”, both boys said once again and exited the bathroom. They ran over to the bus that was now outside the school. Paidion was laying across three seats in the front of the bus.

“Sorry guys”, he said sadly, “I was waiting for you to come out, and ended up not getting to the back of the bus.”

Alex looked to the back of the bus to see all of Kalub’s equally as ignorant friends standing in the back passing around a football, “That’s ok man, better to sit around a few teacher right now than to be back there”, he said motioning to Trevor with his eyes,” I think what we need right now is some relaxation.”

The boys sat down and began to busily talk about everything they were going to do during their trip once again. Eventually they made it to the airport, passed all the security, and finally were on the plane. While thousands of feet up in the air, moving at hundreds of miles per hour, all three boys fell fast asleep. Which was a good thing seeing as the moment they landed and unpacked everything in their hotel rooms, their adventure was going to begin. First stop: Medieval Times!


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Thanks! I've been to Medieval Times a ton of times in South Carolina.

Chapter 6:
After reaching the airport in Orlando, the senior class packed onto a bus and made their way to the hotel. About two minutes into the bus ride, Trevor began to shift about in his seat. The plane offered them free drinks and he had had a lot of ginger ale after he woke up. It had started to take its toll on his bladder. He tried very subtlety to grab at himself in order to hold it, but Alex could see his friend was starting to struggle. He knew better than to flat out ask his friend if he needed to relieve himself, not after the incident that happened back at school. Alex knew that, even though he tried really hard to hide it, Trevor was really sensitive about being the youngest in the class. Ever since he met him in Ms. Flanagan’s English class freshmen year, Alex deemed himself the “protector” of Trevor. He always stopped the bullies from messing with him, and even helped calm him down after one of his many accidents.

When Trevor’s dad died during their sophomore year, things got really hard for Trevor. His grades slipped really badly, and the accidents got even worse. But Alex was always there to tutor his friend, and even started carrying an extra pair of pants in his locker for him just in case. He took very good care of his friend and even thought of him as his little brother. And right now, Trevor needed his big brother to help him out. He decided the best way to go about this was without speaking. He elbowed Paidion, held up his phone and mouthed the words “chat room”. Paidion understood and took out his phone.

Paidion: Dude why so secretive?
Alex: Check out Trev.

Paidion looked over at his friend and his eyes widened. Trevor was really squirming now. He even looked like he was sweating a bit from the pressure building up inside him. Paidion knew it was only a matter of time before his friend had an accident.

Paidion: How much longer until we get to the hotel?
Alex: I’d say like 10 mins. Think he can make it?
Paidion: IDK but I don’t want to find out the hard way if he can’t.
Paidion: Add him to the chat. I have an idea.

Alex nodded and quickly added Trevor to the chat. Trev jumped when he felt his phone vibrate in the front pocket of his shorts. The shock caused him to leak a very small spurt of pee into his underwear. He gasped as he took out his phone.

Trevor: WHAT? You guys couldn’t just talk to me? Instead you have to text?
Alex: Calm down man. We just wanted to make sure you were ok.
Paidion: Yeah man. Are you holding up alright?
Trevor: Well I WAS until SOMEBODY decided to scare me by texting me.
Paidion: There is no reason to get this upset man. Relax. Are you ok?
Alex: We’ll be @ the hotel in like 5 mins. Can you hold it?
Trevor: ….I don’t think I can. I kinda lost a little bit when my phone vibrated.

Alex and Paidion looked up from their phones to see Trev in one of his worst states. His legs were crossed and his hands, now no longer being used to text, were holding the front of his pants.

Paidion turned to Alex, “Did you throw out your water bottle from the airport” he asked.

Alex gave his friend a quizzical look, “No, why?”

“Give it to Trev. Give him my jacket too.”

Understanding the plan, Alex followed through with what he was asked to do. After handing the items to Trev he whispered to him, “Pee in the bottle man. Use the jacket to cover yourself up.”

“But Alex I can’t.”

Alex now gave his other friend a look, “Why not, it’s easy. You’ve seen me do it on long car rides before.”

Trevor began to whine, “I can’t go in front of other people. I’m gun shy. Nothing will come out no matter how hard I I I…” Trevor stopped talking, his body was starting to give up on him. He felt an even longer stream come out. He looked down and saw a wet spot the size of a silver dollar on the front of his khaki shorts. Tears began to fill his eyes, “Alex, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Alex saw that Trev was about to start panicking. He needed to go before he hurt himself anymore. He gave his friend a very serious look, “Listen Trev, put your junk in the bottle before you wet your pants even more. You’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t go. Just relax. Close your eyes. And pee.”

Trevor looked at his friend, he knew he meant well and was only trying to help him. He took a deep breath, fished himself out, closed his eyes and began to pee in the bottle. All the while Alex had his hand on his back softly saying that everything was going to be ok. When he finally finished he put himself back in his soaked underwear and let out a sigh.

Alex gave Trev a tissue to wipe his face up, “Feel better”, he asked.

“Yeah tons”, he replied halfheartedly. “I just wish I hadn’t gotten my pants wet.”

Alex put a reassuring arm around his friend, “Don’t worry man it’s barely noticeable.” The bus came to a stop; they were finally at the hotel.


“Come on guys”, Paidion chirped in to Alex and Trevor, “let’s get to the room. We ALL could use a shower.”

Alex nudged Paidion in the chest, “yeah man, you’re really starting to smell.”

All the boys laughed. Even Trevor forgot about his little accident. The boys ran up to their hotel room, cleaned themselves up, and headed out to go see one of the best tales of knights in shining armor ever. Each of the boys thoroughly enjoyed eating their chicken and what not with their hands. And the unlimited refills made sure that they didn’t get too hot from all the fires during the show. Trevor was so distracted by the show that he didn’t even notice that his cup kept getting refilled, so he unknowingly drank four glasses of Dr. Pepper.