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Hi, I am Justin, for some reason, a few year ago I started to want to wear nappies (yes I am a DL). Not sure when, why or how to go about it. I imagined I'd like the feel of them, and maybe wet them.

I couldn't afford and didn't want to hide whole packs and in Adelaide, no where apart from hospitals hand out/sell adult nappies, there is also that embarrassment of buying/asking.

I went on a Google search hunt for some and found some that ship to Aus for free. I got it sent C/o (care of) the local post office, sending to home mailbox would mean inquisitive family, I have a large Smiths metal box that just fits all nappies that I had some stuff from unused fish tank so i emptied it and used it for nappies and piled boxes on top. I did like the feel of them and wearing them makes me relaxed and not sure what else I feel.

I was surprised at the large package I got, I was expecting say one (like Tena sent) or two not 4 packs (two per pack)

I thought I'd post about best samples so far

Molicare-free samples, got 3 bags of two nappies of all range.
Tena-free samples.

Extra - wearing now, comfy, plastic outer, blue stripe.

Mobile - not tried, all white, cloth outer.

Super Plus - Tried on, rather bulky but comfy,purple stripe, plastic outer.

Moliflex - Tried and wet, comfy, extracts liquid and is dry within 10-30 secs, purple stripe, cloth outer, stays dry as if not wet.

Tena Pants Plus- all white, cloth outer.

All have wide waistband which is not easy to hide(I tuck my t-shirt in).
All are comfy

Yet to try Depends and others that offer free ones in Australia if you know any.
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