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Hello all!

I thoroughly enjoy shopping online and looking through the various ABDL websites to find new diapers and toys!
I was wondering if there were any places you would recommend that might have some diapers / toys I have never seen or heard of before as I love trying new diapers out!

For those of you wondering my top 5 favorite diapers in descending order:
1. Bambino Bianco
2. Crinklz
3. ABU Space
4. Fabine
5. Rearz

Ive yet to try cuddlz and awwsoocute and was also wondering if you all have any comments on those diapers? Or now that you know my style of diaper if there are any you recommend?

Thanks friends,
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Your list of favorites are all high capacity diapers, as is my list. That being said I don't recommend Cuddlz if you want max absorbency, if you have tried regular ABU diapers these are maybe a step up (old ABU). If you are like me, you want to try them anyway. it's ok, I understand and you should try them for yourself, just don't expect too much. I have only tried one Awwsocute diaper but liked it very much, they made my top 5 list and might make yours too. The only thing that sucks about Awwsocute diapers is the price but if you sign up for notices you can buy them on sale (just had a 48% off sale). If you don't care about the color DC Amor diapers are also in the same league as all the others and are worth trying (both old & new).

My top 5:
1. Bambino Bellissimo (I'm surprised it's not your number one)
2. ABU Space (might take the Bellissimo's spot some day)
3. Bambino Teddy (great for when a Bellissimo is just too much)
4. Awwsocute (seriously a really good diaper)
5. Dc Amor (old), Rearz (I would need a pack of each to give you a #5 winner)
My top 2.
Bambino Bianco(fit)
Xp medical A+level 4 (price)
I suppose Diaper Connoisseur probably has the best variety right now. The new DC Amor "Kitten" are definitely worth a try.

They also have a presence on eBay.
I'm like totally surprised that the Bambino Bellissimo isn't on your list, especially since the Bianco is.
The Awwsocutes are pretty much exactly like the Bellisimos. I think the Bellisimo swell a little more while the ASC wick a little better, maybe. both are better than the Bianco and Teddys, which are still awesome in their own way. I <3 the ASCs! :wub:

I think the Cuddlz are more for show and less for function. More like a scene diaper. They might look cute on someone else, but I don't have any desire to wear them my self.
To be honest I have found the best and cheapest place to order diapers from is just through amazon. Plus discreet shipping and amazon prime means you get your diapers fast. I would totally recommend the awwsocute diapers as well if you don't mind them being a little bit on the pricier side. They are very comfy and the pattern is really cute.
These are my Top 5 Diapers (Keep in mind that there are a lot of brands that I still have yet to try).

1. Teddy Bambinos
2. Snuggies Waddler
3. Abena M4
4. ABU Super Dry Kids
5. Molicare
dillpickle said:
I order most of my supplies from Magic Medical.

Ah I see they have a "youth diapers" category, worth a look for the members here searching for size Small diapers.
Save Express has a ridiculously large range of diapers, and other stuff. They're based in Germany, and delivery within the EU is quite reasonable. But as you're in the US, maybe it would be fun for a bit of window shopping...?

I don't know if you can get them in the US, but the Forma-Care X-Plus diapers are one of the best I've tried, along with the Abena Abri-Form M4, and maybe the Kolibri Comslip (although I find the fit a bit small).
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