Best diaper for biking/cycling?


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The spring/summer months are creeping up and it's time to get the good ol' bicycle out again! This time, I'll need padding for my long distances. I'm curious to know whether anyone else here has needed to deal with this, and what brands/setups you go with?
I wet heavy, but summers here are hot and humid, so probably less of an issue with all the heat in the summer. I can typically go through 2 BetterDry or 3 Abena M4 diapers in a day and a 4th (of either) at night. Just urine.

My biking habits take me on hours-long trips with no washrooms or places to stop, so when I say I need something that will last all day, I mean it. I like starting early morning and getting back late at night. Not the most comfy situation to be in, but I'm not letting my needs slow me down. I am also in my early 20s, so needless to say discretion is important and I am very active. I do stay very well hydrated, don't always get a sensation of needing to go, and don't use bike shorts or anything - just a summer tank top and regular shorts usually.
Any suggestions are appreciated! Hoping not to break the bank here - but I need what I need. Cloth or plastic backed - anything is fine! Thanks in advance.