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I’m getting my boyfriend some diapers for Christmas and he loves the ABDL prints. We aren’t abdl but think it’s cute. What’s the biggest diaper on the market with a cute abdl print for boys?
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I’m not into babyish stuff so I love the Rearz Rebels, Rearz Dinos, and any of the Crinklz prints.
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My recommendation would probably be Tykables, they are definitely the thickest in my experience. Boosters can always be added as well for extra bulk! Tykables also tends to be the most boyish in prints, in my opinion.

The other nice thing is that most all their products have the Velcro-style hook and loop tabs, so you can take them on and off a few times, which is great if you aren't so into using them and need access to the toilet!
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It all depends on the sizing. Just buy a few samples and let him try them. I am a Rearz fan but lots of options. Changing Times Diaper Company can help you navigate many choices based on his size too. They don't sell Rearz, but sell many other brands.
Take a look at Rearz' Critter Caboose. They're plastic backed, which you may not like, but the tapes hold and hold and the capacity is quite good. My SO thinks they're adorable, which is a decided plus.
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dirtydiaperdan said:
I’m getting my boyfriend some diapers for Christmas and he loves the ABDL prints. We aren’t abdl but think it’s cute. What’s the biggest diaper on the market with a cute abdl print for boys?
The rearz mermaids are unbelievably thick, I also enjoy the readers barnyard
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Trest Elite, insane absorbency!
Tykables cammies are a pretty cool print wthat aren't babyish and they make a great diaper.
I think Dotty Plain and Simple Blue would be perfect since they're all-baby blue.
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OK Google search....
abuniverse, tykables, rearz, nappies r us, little for big, adult baby diapers. You'll find something somewhere that he'll like for sure.
I'll toss in Tykables Waddlers. Big diaper with large capacity. Blue plastic shell with prints and blue inner lining and leak guards on white padding.

If it's not capacity your looking for then there is ABUs (abuniverse) AlphaGatorZs and Little Kings. AGZs remind me of early 2000s Pampers Cruisers and they seem more boyish imo.
I will say that there is no best diaper for 24 hours and not good for your skin even if using powder, cream, oils and a stuffer for help.
Most abdl diapers can hold alot and can add a or two stuffers or booster pads for thickness and then can pick any printed diaper you think he would like or be cute in.
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A 24 hour diaper doesn't exist. NorthShore MegaMax is highest capacity I've found. Rearz, Crinklz, and others are also very good. Booster pads do help. Plastic pants make things a little more secure.
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No one makes a diaper that will go 24 hours, Sure you can add several boosters or double diaper but nothing over a 12 hour diaper really exist. It is very bad to stay in a soaked diaper hours on end and it is going stupid heavy and sagging. Mega Max are the most bang for the buck. Overall a very solid and absorbent diaper. Buy him a case and some boosters to go with.
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I never ever would stay in a diaper for 24 hours! Have to wear 24/7 for incontinence, although never any issues with skin irritation as during the day I change latest after 6 or 8 hours. My night diaper I usually put on 9 or 10 pm, it stays until 7 in the morning and is then full, but not leaking. Getting up with a full Tena Maxi let me feel the heavy sagging of it, how might it be wearing a diaper that held 24 hours of pee ?!? And of course not thinking about discreteness of such a package...
My nappy wearing is entirely voluntary and on the few occasions when I have worn for an extended period of time around six hours is the longest I normally go before changing when wet, but more or less immediately if a change is needed for anything more. Overnight probably around eight to nine hour. So for me hygiene is a priority, with a short shower being taken even after a ’wet change’, and a longer shower followed by a bubble-bath in other circumstances, I enjoy the change into a clean nappy so personally would never wish to go 24 hours at a time.

However, we are all very different and fully appreciate that sone people find a need for this and totally accept their preferences, but I’m not able to offer any suggestions. I have seen many abdl diapers online, so would it be perhaps possible to have one of the specialised retailers to make up a ’selection pack’ from their samples and your partner could experience an extended period in several different types and make an evaluation?