best daiper for AOB?

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Nearing time to reorder padding.. So was wanting some options on best diapers for day time use that wont clump up. I flood btw >< Usually go with molicare super plus.
I would say Dry 24/7. They can be used all the way up thr back and won't clump unless you pull them down to use the toilet for the other side. Order them from as they are cheaper than ordering direct from dry themselves. Also they run bigger than most brands.
Abena 4
Dry 24/7
Bambino diapers
Northshore Supreme
ABU Space/Simple
as much as illd love abu or bambino.. i couldn't afford that... I order mostly from allegromedical, how does xp compare?
72 drys (a case) run about $108 a case shipped but you will only need 2-3 a day given you use cloth at night.
I use Dry 24/7's
I am currently using id slip super cloth backed and id slip maxi in both cloth backed and plastic backed and really enjoy them all, I get them from xp medical. I was previously using seni super plus and super seni quatro and really liked them as well but like the Id slip better for the price also there is another diaper worth mentioning, Tranquility has come out with a new diaper called the elitecare and they are pretty awesome and very discreet and would easily rival the molicare super plus you already use in both absorbency and price!
Abena m4 plastic back are my day to day diaper
ever have problem with bunching up on the abena?
Strawberry said:
ever have problem with bunching up on the abena?

I haven't worn abena m4's in a long time. But they were either really stiff padding wise or clumped up a bit. Dry 24/7 has been a great diaper that's honestly one of the cheaper premium diapers. ABU Simple/Space/LittlePawz (all the same diaper, just different or no prints) are my new favorites. I've already worn 9 of my little pawz out of my 80 count case of them. But they are only worth it if you want prints and can acutally afford diapers that cost 2.00 USD per diaper.

Dry 24/7's are what I'd recommend to anyone that wants to:
Wear a thick diaper
Have it be super crinkly (easily the most crinkly ones I've worn perhaps ever)
Floods diapers rather then going in controlled bursts to aollow the diaper to asborb as designed. because most people with IC don't seem to lose control of a dull bladder all at once.
I got some little paws, love them <3 but their a bit hard thick for day to day wear. Going to save them for fursuiting or long trips. My bladder is a bit goofy. I think it realy gotta go and then some times barely and leaks out. Other times i feel the leak guard working over time
Strawberry said:
as much as illd love abu or bambino.. i couldn't afford that... I order mostly from allegromedical, how does xp compare?
Allegro is rather expensive. XP Medical sells Abena for way less.

As for day time diapers, most won't be able to handle your flooding. If you want it to handle them, you'd need a thicker diaper.

Abena does tend to fall apart. They were once top of the line, but we're pushed to the middle not only by better diapers, but quality degradation.

If you buy cases rather than packs they are significantly cheaper per piece.
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Since I am within a case and a half of running out of stockpiled plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxis (by far the best answer I could have given, but alas no longer available), I have been trying various diapers over the last several weeks to find a replacement. I wear Dry/27s to supplement my Tenas, which is how they've lasted this long, but the Dry/27s are very thick and (unless I am wearing a loose skirt or dress) not really practical to wear out of the house. Same goes for the Bellissimo, another favorite. The fact that I mentioned Bambino will clue you in that my hunt is about practicality–what the diaper will do–exclusive of whether it is a white or AB design. The reality is that a lot of AB designs are very good diapers; why exclude them for daily use just because of babyish prints? So I tried everything I could. What I discovered, ultimately, was this:

For me, the ABU Simple (why invite a babyish print for a daily use diaper if your don't need to?) is one of the best, but by far too expensive. I love a couple of others in this cost category (for example DC Amor), but I am not about to make such expensive products my daily diapers. For me, the single best relatively inexpensive premium diaper I tried is the ID Slip Expert Premium from It is very similar to the Tena in pretty much every way. The NorthShoreSupreme is also quite good, and is comparable in price.

You will pay more for these diapers over Attends, etc. But you will only need a couple of diaper changes each day, so that makes up for it both in expense and convenience.

per diaper price is a big point. Have to find a balance ^^
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