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Benny from Philadelphia, PA

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Hi everyone!

My name is Benny. I'm an AB and a DL from Philadelphia, PA. I've got a lot of interests, but my life basically boils down to diapers, theater, and friends. I love to chat with new people, and I love to learn new things. On this website, I hope to talk to some new people who may have a different point of view or have some new incites on all things ABDL.

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful day :) I've been having a lazy day myself. Locked in chastity, padded up, and watching DINOTRUCKS!

Benny :)
Welcome Benny. Hope all is well with you. I'm DL and enjoy the occasional plush, pacifier and footie pajamas but most of the time I like to stay in grown up mode. Maybe I do not even know how to regress. I have 8 children including the adults and virtual AB baby.
Welcome to ADISC!

I'm from suburban Philly!

You say you like theater. Is this attending various theater shows or performing in theater?
I grew up outside the city! What a coincidence.

I'm a performer, and I work backstage as well. I do love keeping up with all of the theater in the city though! I'm hoping to see Metamorphoses at the Arden before it closes.

- Benny
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