Being put in women's clothing


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Hi everyone!, how's everyone here?. After having a romantic relationship with this girl then she invited me to her house.
Taking all the precautionary measures for avoiding all the risks of this ugly virus.
Just I showed up at her house in the evening and then just I put on my stirrup pants under my ripped jeans, socks, my skechers and obviously my t shirt and a jacket, it's getting kind of chilly in northern Alberta.
Then this girl and I we decided to watch some series on Netflix and after hours of watching some movies, I couldn't come back because it was 1:30 am and then she invited me to stay at her house and I spent the night with her.
Just I slept on the couch in t shirt and stirrup pants.
Next day just I woke up relaxed and then my girlfriend asked me what to do for breakfast.
I went to the washroom just for washing my face and then her friends showed up, just I was lounging around in t shirt and stirrup pants.
My girlfriend came to me and she put me a skirt on. Just we had a quick breakfast and then one of her friends asked her for the denim over knee boots.
I went to the living room for my backpack and my jeans, then my girlfriend and her friends opened up a box and then they took the pair of over knee denim stiletto heels boots. Just I was in t shirt, skirt and stirrup pants. Just I sat down in the couch and the girls took me of my socks and then my girlfriend puts me on the over knee denim stiletto peep toe boots!.
Then her friends and my girlfriend began to teach me how to walk on them.
Just I was feeling my toes sliding out through the open toe!.
For to be honest I'm not very good wearing a skirt and stiletto heels.
I don't know how girls love to wear damn open toe boots and exposing the toes to the elements during the winter!