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What do you do as a Little outdoors, and what would you most like to do, if being ABDL in public was considered normal?

I love the idea of toddling around on a little nature walk, wrapped up warm with my fleece onesie and coat on, and collecting a list of things written for me by a Big.

I also love the idea of being little at the beach - though I generally feel that way at the beach, as it's one of the few places where adults can splash about, build sandcastles and take a midday nap without it being seen as strange! The one thing I can't do at the beach is play with my Baby Stella doll and her beach accessories, which makes me sad, as we would have lots of fun.

I also love the idea of having a garden picnic in my AB clothes, though unfortunately where I live right now is next to a Swimming baths, so it's not a private enough location for doing so...

How about fellow ADISCers? What would you like to do as a Little in the outdoors? What would you wear? And would you want to roam free by yourself, or have a carer keeping a close eye on you? :)
Well teddy is a must have...he'd come everywhere of course. Just the freedom to be completely uninhibited I think would be amazing. Attire would be simple toddler wear, but the opportunity to roam with an uncovered diaper sounds like fun. I think I would like a carer with me...not hovering, but there watching and available if I needed to share some great discovery or needed reassurance. Yeah sounds like fun. Could also be nice to randomly interact with another little.
Gosh, I never even thought about it before. But I would most likely love going to the park and wearing a really cute dress. Maybe a baby doll dress or some kinna dress that could get a little dirty and still look childish that wasn't Lolita fashion. I would also LOVE going to the zoo or going to Disney World and interacting with the Disney Character actors like a little kid would if I wasn't super duper shy about it. As for what I would wear, I'd totally wear Lolita fashion or some cute kiddy clothes if they fit me. I'd also probably have a picnic with ALL my stuffies and a doll whenever I get her. She's SOOO expensive. T^T And I would sing ALL the Disney songs I know out loud and hope someone else would join me. XD I think that's about it. Hehe Oh yeah, I would probably like a carer with me too in case someone I don't know comes around and I wanna hide behind them cause I'm super shy around people. Shy and cautious.
I like the idea of going to the park and playing on the playground!! Having someone push me on the swings and whatnot. Probably while I had a cute outfit and a diaper on with a paci clipped onto the front.
A picnic sounds really nice too! Or a trip to the zoo and I get to be pushed around in a stroller with a stuffie. I don't think i'd wander off, i'd be rather shy and stick close.
I would love to go to playgrounds, swinging, playing, making my plushie fly in the air, just being my natural self. Luckily I live just by the sea in a really small town. There is some backsides to small towns but a good thing is that there's a lot of outdoor places where you can be all alone.
well I do go to the beach and then walk along the walkway. I just have a tea shirt diaper and shorts on. so yah if look hard you can see the bulge of my diaper. this year I'm thinking of getting a swim diaper so I can go for a swim when I go for a walk, and maybe try one when I go water skiing.
Last Summer I was "Little" at Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH. I had my TONKA Construction Vehicles with me and I played with them in the sand surrounded by lots of people.
In the summer, I go out biking on our bike trail wearing a cloth diaper under my baggy bike shorts. They're black, so no one knows if I'm happily wet.
I would like to go to the playground. I really liked to swing when I was younger (I still do but I don't get the chance). And the beach - building sand castles and digging holes.
I like the idea of going to the park and playing on the playground!! Having someone push me on the swings and whatnot. Probably while I had a cute outfit and a diaper on with a paci clipped onto the front.
A picnic sounds really nice too! Or a trip to the zoo and I get to be pushed around in a stroller with a stuffie. I don't think i'd wander off, i'd be rather shy and stick close.

Zoo is a great shout! I like the idea of a Big alongside me to tell me about all the exciting "aminals" (:o), what their names are, and what they do. I think that would be very cute. Especially if I took my teddy panda and there was a real panda for him to see!

As for the playground, I think I'd like the slide and maybe the swings, but I'm too little to want to go fast on them - so it would have to be nice and gentle! :)
In real life, I don't really do much other than wear 24/7 most of the time.

I would really like to go to Disneyland as a little :smile1: with a carer. I would wear some denim shortall overalls or toddler pants (with the elastic waist) with an age-appropiate shirt. I'd also like the beach, the mall, the zoo, the park, or even just a walk in the neighborhood. On the beach though, visible diapers would be ok. Museums, especially children's museums and science museums with hands-on stuff, would be interesting too.

Of course, on these excursions, a stroller for the tired legs, a diaper bag, a sippy or a bottle, and a paci would be required.

Now what I'd really, really like is to do these things as a real toddler, but that's not possible unfortunately.
Walt Disney World! Disney, Disney, Disney, yay Disney! I was thinking the zoo would be nice, but why, when there's Animal Kingdom?!

Anyway, the reason I pick Walt Disney World is because most playgrounds & parks only say they're accessible! I'd love to swing & slide, but to know Abale would have to tear his back apart to make it happen, kills the fun. My plan is to bring a Personal Travel Assistant from Preferred Travel Helpers, with me for help on and off the rides & attractions, getting the wheelchair unstuck from the sand, getting the sand off me, laundry, and other disability-specific stuff. If I ever find an Abale (daddy) I want him to be able to concentrate on me as his Baby Girl, and his wife, not as a disabled person.

From what I hear, Walt Disney World backbends to accommodate. There's even a number to request Kosher! When my more disabled sister went, one lady, who'd seen her around before, asked if she always needed a lidded cup. When my sis said yes, the lady made sure all the staff members she watched over knew my sister's need.
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I love this idea & it's something I think about all the time. I think it'd be great if we lived in a world where littles were just common place. I imagine going to the park with my daddy and playing with the other littles. My favorite thought is when him and I go to a friends house for a (adult) get-together how different it would be if I could be accepted as a little. I'd come over with my binkie & stuffies and toys and him with my diaper bag over his shoulder. He'd sit me down so I can play in front of all our friends & they wouldn't even bat an eye. :)
A picnic at the park would be my choice. Some spare bread for the ducks in the pond and a few fellow littles to share the day with.
How I'm dressed would be important to me too. So wherever I end up being taken to, I'd love to be in pink frilly dresses. The correct underwear goes without saying.
For at least one of my plushies would go with me everywhere I go and I would always carry around a diaper bag for extra diapers unless I needed change and unless I wanted my bottle. I would also have my paci in my mouth at all times.
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