Being aone by myself...

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As an older adult baby, I spend large amounts of time totally alone by myself with my own inner thoughts for companionship. Not that I am not social, but I do not want to cause any problems with others. We developmentally-disabled autistics tend to usually be disruptive with our truth-bound thinking which easily offends other people. I therefore simply spend 99% of my time alone by myself, when I am not sleeping. My adult baby regression times are 100% solitary and alone behind the closed door of my bedroom. Yes, my little brother knows that I am into what he calls "Baby-ism", but he plays not part in my adult baby regression times each day. After all, he has had enough of cleaning up pee-pee and poo-poo, since he did that for our late Mom while she was alive near the end of her life. Oh! I also had to pipe up my late Mom's poopy rear-end as if she were a baby. Anyway, in 30 minutes, it will be "Monday", and I am getting ready to quietly have some solitary baby regression time in solitude.
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