Being an Adult Baby with Autism and Cerebral Palsy

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I admit, that I have been feeling a bit dismayed by the recent "Troll Attack" on our community.
Doing that despicable behavior is definitely not what I as an older physically and developmentally disabled "Adult Baby" is all about.
I try hard to live a life of kindness, caring, and concern for others.
As you all know, I wear diapers 24/7 for medical reasons.
Despite being an adult, I am very much infantile and childlike as an older physically and developmentally disabled adult.
I live my life to do the most good, not just for myself, but for everybody I interact with, not just in the physical world, but in cyberspace.
I am in a period of having serious concerns regarding my physical health, not so much with my having Cerebral Palsy, but with a possible serious Thyroid Gland malfunction.
I did have a needed adult baby regression time from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
I slept soundly with my big diapered teddy bear, "Howard Hug".
He chased the bad dreams away.
I also kept my gentle soft baby dolly friend, "Pam" clutched close to my heart all during my nap.
With them with me in my bed, I was not alone.
Before falling asleep for my nap, diapered, and lying quietly in my bed I gave Howard Hug Bear and Pam Dolly Friend gentle kisses and then closed my eyes to sleep until 6:00 PM.
Yes, I switched back to "Adult Mode" after my nap.
Being "Little", and being "Big" have been correctly in their proper place and time.
All day tomorrow, except for my bedtime at 2:00 AM Saturday, I have to be "Big".
The adult world can not be ignored or brushed-aside tomorrow, because I have to have the inside of my head imaged by the MRI Scanner at Derry Imaging, PA.
Afterwards, I have to spend time at the Derry, NH CTV Channel to do the post-production work on the latest TV program I shot a week ago.
Saturday I also have to be "Big".
I have another meeting of the non-profit organization I am a director of.
Disabled Adult Babies like myself can never ignore the "realities" of the "Adult World".



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A troll attack? I guess I'm glad I missed that. I have no tollerance for that behaviour. I learned long ago not to let such people rile me up. Disengaging is the best pollicy.
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