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Been member for a while back to post for first time in a while.


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Good day all.
I haven't been around for a good while and thought I'd post an update. Still wear my diapers from time to time. But my wife who at beginning of my wearing wasn't supportive,is now a lot of good things have. changed.
Wife has become absolutely supportive of all my activities. I crossdress nearly weekly now. Some nights together at bed time. Usually a few hours on weekend mornings while kids sleep. Been on two vacations in vegas and have gone out in public 4x now.
Always have had a lot of panties but now I have a wardrobe that includes all makeup I could ever need. 6 pairs of womens shoes and 2 sets of breastforms.
Diapers haven't been super high on my list of things to do as often now but rationalize buying more girl clothes than diapers currently.
Life overall been very good.
Hope everyone is all well and padded !
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Hello Cddljess and welcome to the group.