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Been living this past year completely at peace with my life in diapers. It truly has transformed my life. I’m not sure how many other ladies are on this board, but speaking purely from a
woman’s perspective, a diapered life is quite liberating. After the initial adjustment period, it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, personally, and to lesser extent, professionally. I have a senior level executive career. And the psychological impact of diapers has increased my patience with others, my confidence, etc. Others have noticed. People say I am noticeably more comfortable and relaxed, easier to be around and much more approachable. My professional peers find me more pleasant and my team members who work in my
Department say I’m the choice among transfers when positions are added. All of this would surely sound absolutely ridiculous to the “uninitiated”. But the freedom of being able to relieve myself in very stressful meetings gives me a sense of control in a world that is often dominated by harsh, very domineering personalities..

The only issue I have had to deal with is my morning routine at the gym. For the first 6 months I was at a gym that catered to younger clients. But back in September I joined a gym that caters more to older clients. It’s 12 miles in the opposite direction of my office, instead of right on the corporate campus. I’ve adjusted my workout schedule and I was surprised to learn that other women in this gym occasionally wear diapers. One specific workout buddy in my morning class doesn’t even hide it at all. Once I saw her comfort level, I became a bit more open about my own diaper choices, at least in the locker room. I do still get an occasional stare, but nothing that seems judgmental.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and if there are any other women on this board who have taken the jump to a life in diapers, I wish you as much peace and happiness as it’s brought to my silly life.
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Welcome to the World of 24/7.
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I’d love to see my wife in diapers. She would get such a better sleep at night. Meaning I would get a better sleep too. Lol
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HI Ladyindiapers
Welcome and Sending a very warm welcome BACK !!
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Hello, welcome back.🙂
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Rita said:
HI Ladyindiapers
Welcome and Sending a very warm welcome BACK !!
Good morning
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Hello, and grand wet wishes ladyindiapers!
I've never conquered the diaper-at-the-gym -- even though spinning class is my long-time favorite (pants look like you're wearing "Pampers-padding"). The issue seems to be the shower.... If I workout/spin and head home, I don't think anyone would notice my backside, however it's the changing in the lockeroom that has me in knots. Cannot fathom how to remove all clothing, diaper, place in locker - head to showers - return and dress for work, with diaper, in an open area. Bravo on cresting that hill and making it work!
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Hi and so happy you are enjoying yourself in diapers. I know how you feel.
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