Bedwetting or night sweats

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Hi I was looking for some advice, a few months ago I started to notice that I would wake up and my bed would be damp. Slightly confused I started doing research as to why this might be, I have worn diapers in the past and decided to just wear them to see if this helped. I do know that I was not potty trained untill I was 4, and wet the bed on and off untill about 13. Other then times where I have gone out drinking too much, I can not recall a time where I unknowingly wet the bed. I recently started a full time job and have been more physically active, leading me to be more tired. Before my job I struggled to get to sleep, and would frequently go long periods with little to no sleep. About 2 years ago I started to notice that I would often have urine come out uncontrollably after using the restroom causing small wet patchs on my underwear, and other then a few accidents in high school I have not had major control issues. I am not sure what could be causing this and was wondering if I should see a doctor. I have no way of knowing how much I am wetting at night, becouse I often wake up soaked even while wearing a diaper, leading me to believe that I am also sweating at night as well. I have tried sleeping without a diaper and still wake up soaked. I do not sweat while I am awake, so I can rule out any external causes. I am concerned because I have seen that night sweats in males can be an early sign of cancer. I would like to know if I would benefit from seeing a doctor, or if they are able to tell me if I am wetting or sweating the bed, or possibly both. I would like to know if anyone has any advice/experience, or would be able to tell me how I can tell the difference.
It sounds like night sweats to me. Yes, you should definitely see a doctor.
I agree with Inconinmiss. I don't think you should worry about things like cancer until you know more - but you should definitely see a doctor and get it checked out.

Probably obvious, but I wouldn't mention wearing to the doctor - and just stick to describing the symptoms you're getting and how it is affecting you - e.g. is it making you tired and irritable during the day?
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