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I was a bed wetter from about 3 years of age to about 14 due to a under sized bladder and an deformed urethra which I had 3 surgeries for and a 4 th done about 7 years ago, I remember being in cloth diapers and rubber pants I was probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years old my mom used them on me after I started school every night, to say the least I hated them when they got wet they felt cold and soggy, then my mom started using pampers I believe it was about 1970 I actually loved them when they got wet you didn't feel cold and soggy and I didn't wake up with wet and cold sheets, fast forward to May 2022 due to severe spinal stenosis I went urinary incontinence and I found betterdry they remind me of the pampers I wore in the 1970's for bed wetting I came into this group as IC then went into ABDL find it comforting, calming and security not waking up with wet bedding and dealing with constant severe low back pain can drive you mad. Can anyone relate to this.
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