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Just got in my order from BareBum, one bag of their single product line diapers. I see fruitkitty has already done a basic review. I don't have time for anything like that so I just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents worth this morning while its still fresh in my mind.

From what I've seen here, not many people have tried this diaper. Their initial web presence was a bit on the weird/creepy side, covered with images of hairy guys in diapers, which is I think on the average not what we want to see while shopping for diapers. Since then they've changed their image quite a bit, and while still a little unusual looking, I don't feel weirded out visiting their page anymore.

Getting to the goods... these diapers are sized on the far end of the small scale, about where you'd find a bambino or more specifically a Tykables. The large are short and narrow compared to most other diapers. Consider this carefully when ordering, get samples first.

The only premium feature they're lacking is front elastic. (they have rear elastic) This isn't a major deal but it does slightly detract from comfort and forces to you apply the tapes a little tighter than some other diapers. Unfortunately this is further compounded by the shell of the diaper having utterly NO stretch to it. I haven't seen anything like this in any other diaper. Usually when measuring the front panel width I have to judge how much I want to stretch the material before I take my measurement. That wasn't an issue here because there simply wasn't any stretching possible. This adds to the issue of no front elastic to make the waistband tend to get gappy or tight without self-adjusting when you move. It's not a big problem, but one that could have been avoided. I find the front of this diaper likes to fold forward and turn down as a result.

The pattern looks very similar to Bambino's "classic" baby blocks, that spell B-A-B-Y, except that by closer inspectio you'll notice they are just A-B-C-D. The color scheme is about identical though so it's a difficult thihng to notice.

The shell is a very soft and smooth, similar to XP Medical's Absorbency Plus. It's got a really good feel to it, wet or dry. The tape panel is interesting.... it's sturdy and crinkly, yet doesn't feel very stiff to the touch. It's completely comfortable on the wrists while sleeping, which is nice. The tapes are similar to bambino etc (3m?) and stick very well to it, though I don't know how well they'd do if you tried to move them. (guessing not well)

I measure carefully before taping up initially, and found this diaper to be extremely comfortable to wear, both on the hips and in the feel with my hands and wrists while sleeping. IMHO the tape panel and shell material are ideal.

Although I didn't wet much overnight tonight, this diaper has extremely fast acquisition, and swells very evenly and smoothly. My skin continues to feel very dry. They seem to have used a good amouht of high quality SAP. It's not lumpy or shifting at all, the diaper just feels like it's gained thickness. You might even mistake it for just being thicker material rather than swollen from wetness. There are no wetness indicators on it either. I expect this to be a very interesting diaper when more heavily wet into the back. Two wettings were barely enough to reach the crotch, which is pretty unusual. The DCA Kittens are the only other diapers I can think of offhand that aquire this fast, but they don't stay as well formed when wet.

So this diaper is unique in several respects and is worth a look. If you find most mediums to be a bit too large on you, these will probably fit really well. If you normally need a small and are swimming in mediums, these may work for you too. XL need not apply. ;)

The shell art adds a wavy pattern when getting near the wings in the front, and that helps with identifying tape position also. So the only improvement I personally would like to see is front elastic.

Price is $1.99 by the case. I got a chance to weigh the mediums also and I found they are noticeably lighter than the large, although the large are the same price per diaper and ship in the same number per bag or case, which is a bit unusual - most companies either give you fewer large, charge you more, or there's no actual different in amount of padding you get.

I'll probably post a followup on this after I've had a chance to wear more. These are definitely on my list for reordering beside other diapers in their price range.
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