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  1. Sissy
I was just wondering are the biancos the same exact cut and type/fit as teddys and classicos? thanks I think they are just wanted to check.
They are actually. I use them from time to time. They are useful in very specific situations for me. You see I get the variety case from Bambino's sometimes because I never go out in public situations with a diaper that has a print on it. If someone where to see the diaper (I'm not a exhibitionist buy it's possible this could happen on accident) they would most likely think medical issue and ignore me. But if they where to see prints on the diaper that actually draws even more unwanted attention. I can care less if people know I am IC but I do care if they knew I was AB which can be problematic. Also Bianco's are good for stickers or other modifications to make them cuter or more enjoyable of course so the plain white backing has artistic usefulness to it. A good analogy of that would be the usefulness of a blank canvas for a oil painting for example.
yes very true
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