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So, sometimes with plastic backed diapers, the tapes fail before the diaper is finished being used. Or, I apply them wrong, and they never go on right. This can be a problem for me, and I just ordered some molicares, my first premium diapers in years. I don't wanna have to deal with them falling off! I've had this problem with them before.

I'm thinking duct tape would maybe do a pretty good job keeping them on. Would this help? Anyone here had a similar problem?

Thank you for your time.
I use white duct tape to help when tapes fail or if I am going to be active while wearing. There are also many other colors and designs for Duck brand duct tape that some people like. I have also heard of people using clear packing tape. Either one should work well. :)
Duck tape is your best friend. For about 4 bucks a roll it will last a long time
As others have said, the duck tape works amazingly. If you google it on Amazon, you can find lots of fun prints too such as Disney or other cartoons. If I ever have a failing tape, the duck tape works under every condition.
I use duct tape, but I use it a bit differently.

What I do, if I'm using a plain diaper, is I'll basically make it look like a lot of older baby diapers: I'll set up a landing zone to tape onto, rather than tape over the tapes themselves.
I make four hole pairs on both wing sets and lace with ¼" elastic. Using lace accommodates diaper stretching.
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