backpack, and t shirt exposing your diaper

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this is something I'm always conscious of when walking around anywhere with a backpack on while nappied, and I'm wondering if anyone else is always fearful of that too?

I always try to make sure my shirt is long enough/pulled down and also to never seemto obviously be fixing an exposed diaper, but i find it really nerve wracking; especially as I begin to use boosters or double nappies.

if you look at yourself in this mirror backwards, even with full coverage a nappy above the belt line makes like a soft/rounded look that i think is pretty easily distinguishable :/
Don't worry too much about it. Even if you feel it's pretty noticeable when you are looking for it, chances are very few others will. That's assuming that the diaper isn't actually peeking up.

I actually think walking around with my backpack helps break up the line so people would have to look harder to see what I'm actually wearing. And I'm not really sure how many people actually go around looking directly at my butt to see what underwear I'm wearing. Also, of the very few who do notice, a very large percentage won't say anything on the grounds it's probably for medical reasons.

As for the actual question, I was fearful of being spotted when I first began wearing in public but it's no longer a big deal. Not that I wear in public that often now. :)
I felt that way too but It's not that noticeable and the backpack helps a lot actually just don't worry too much about it :eek:, also it would be wise to avoid using thicker diapers and boosters for public
Don't stress about people,seeing your diaper, We all do at first then over time we realize no one is really looking and if they do see the top of the diaper they will think it's for medical issues. I still try to hide the fact I am wearing 24/7 with darker pants and longer shirts but I really don't care any more of some one sees I am wearing.

I have come to terms with wearing diapers for my OAB issue and do not want the stress of always being worried that my diaper will show. Try to stop worrying that some one will notice and relax we all have enough stress in our lives then working that some one we will probably never see again sees our diaper.

Diapers are becoming more common in life then you might think as people age or have stress's in life that require the need to wear protection.
I'm not usually out with just a T-shirt and my backpack but it happened a few times due to very hot weather. I've been wearing full time all through the summer, so I was concerned about the backpack making my shirt ride up. Although it had a slight tendency to do so, with a longer shirt it seemed fine.

I know in reality, few people are looking or will care. However, that little burst of nervous energy is actually sort of enjoyable so I roll with it.
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